Happy new moon and (partial) solar eclipse day!

I am pretty-stoked for today. Even though I can’t actually ‘see’ this event from where I live; I feel it (and I will feel it).
I am finding that I look forward to all the astrological ‘event’ days – more so than any traditional holidays. I’ve always had a passion for the ‘moon and the stars’ but as I grow and evolve as a soul on this planet; well,… I just fall in love with it all more and more with each passing day! As I begin to shift away from 3D mentality, thoughts, beliefs, fears, patterns and imprinting – I find that I just don’t have that same level of ‘care’ about some 3D things. Not like I used to. Thank heavens! (Haha… pun intended) 🙂

So… Today is another great day to: ‘out with the old, in with the new’ but with a higher frequency!
At 7:47pm, for my Pacific time zone, I will give pause (and I did) and take a few minutes (or…however long I feel I need) to connect with the Universe. I will set my intentions to: release what no longer serves me, to clear anything (and everything) that is NOT mine. And to put in place my intentions for: the beautiful energies, the love, the light, the abundance, radiant health, and divine wisdom to be: me/my life/my being/my I Am. To send Gaia love and appreciation; and love to all humanity – that we may all feel the one-ness that we truly are.

Peace and love everyone!

P.S. I am noticing that today is a ‘1’ day as well! 7+1+2=10; 1+0=1 … How FUN! It’s a 1/11 day. New beginnings… indeed!

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