8:8 and 11:11

I have only recently, in about the last 3-4 years (this is my 4th year of consciously enjoying this portal day), been truly aware of the Lion’s Gate (Lion’s Gateway) on 8-8.
I am not even going to pretend I’ve always known about this portal/gate way. Because I haven’t.

However, I have always felt that 8-8 had some sort of significance. Didn’t know what it was or why I ‘felt’ energetic high’s on (and around) this time. I didn’t really put the puzzle pieces together until a few years ago; when I happen to stumble upon something that would lead me to the next thing… information regarding 8-8: the Lion’s Gate. In fact, it was the ‘rare’ 8-8-8 (in 2015: the year of ‘8’) that I would find this; it ‘clicked’/resonated. I took notice, and I was like: ‘Oh, this is so Cool’!

Since there are no coincidences; I was meant to discover this on a deeper level and have it become a part of my new life. I remember really feeling the energies of that Lion’s Gate day (in 2015) – which prompted me to go investigate. Hence, the trail of crumbs I followed to discover and learn about this yearly activation. When you ‘choose’ at a soul level, you will feel/recognize the ‘prompts’ to help lead you where you/your soul wants to go. Apparently this one was long overdue!

So, long story longer… there was a good reason why I (always) ‘felt’ this day.

The quick-compiled description of the Lion’s Gateway is:
The Lions Gate is a time of increased Universal/cosmic energy flowing between the physical and spiritual/the Divine; it occurs in the astrological (zodiac) sign of Leo. It is an alignment with the Earth, the star Sirius, and the Galactic Center; thus becoming a portal/gateway. When this alignment happens, there is an intense surge of light which awakens DNA and transmits high vibrational frequencies and codes/key codes/star codes of and for awakening.

There is so much more information about this special day but that would have me writing way more than I intended. With each passing year, though, it seems there are more articles, more information, and people/light-workers talking openly about the Lion’s Gate. So awesome!

*A side note: A great, reliable, place to look for cosmic information is here:

I’m not really wanting to get into the how and why’s of it all. There is enough info out there (elsewhere) that is easy to look up. I just want to journal what this is for me.

I am understanding that this one is packed with a punch and will flow right on into the New Moon Solar Eclipse just 3 days later. It’s a nice ending (it’s never ending… but you know what I mean) to all this fun eclipse action we have been having. It’s all here to speed up our ascension. A nice kick-in-the-butt, if you will. Soooo many of us will feel this, probably for days!

Leo the lion and your inner child

On the 8th we will receive new Light Codes for our empowerment, strength, freedom, and abundance (to name a few). Then just days later, on the 11th, is the New Moon Solar Eclipse (11:11). This is a great time to, once again, release (more) of what’s no longer serving you. To also really open your heart, feel the joy, express yourself, find (or re-ignite) your passion(s). Let your inner-child out; yes… come out and play!

There are probably some things that you have been putting on the back-burner; maybe it’s an art class, or dance class. Maybe some swimming, surfing, rock climbing or riding a bike through some cool mountain trails. Maybe it’s something that is not as schedule-intruding like: planting some herbs (get your garden-on!); deep-cleaning that bathroom that seems to have gotten away from you lately. Get out, and dust-off, that oh-so amazing recipe from grandma. Then conjure up the confidence to make it (and hopefully eat it too; with friends or family maybe?). Bring out that inner-chef! Whatever it is: NOW is the time to take yourself up on your ‘offer’… and do it! A ‘back-burner’ thought/idea/activity/plan can come to the front! Even those baby-steps count. Just signing up for a class; committing to it – that alone can be a huge step for some.

Remember that each door you open and go through will lead you to your next door (of growth and opportunity). This is also the time to be standing strong (Leo/lion = courage!) and take authority of yourself and your life. Be the truly unique person that you are; be the beautiful light that you are, and come from the place of love. It’s all good… and it will be: all good! Trust your intuition, your guides, and the Universe. This is a time of new beginnings! Y-e-s!  🙂

I, myself, have been super tired (and wired) lately. I know why though… and it’s a good kind of tired. All this energy; all these upgrades, downloads, frequencies, high vibrations! Whew! I can’t seem to get enough meditation time or sleep. I just want to be in meditation (all-the-time!). When I am done with a session, I am already thinking about, and getting excited for, my next session. There are times when I think that it’s kind-of disruptive to my day… and then I quickly realize: I don’t care! What I care about is taking care of my physical (and, yes, spiritual) body while all this beautiful Universal-Pure Source activity is going on! The physical upgrades, alone, can be quite a handful! I have been feeling, sensing, noticing, and witnessing some different changes going on with my body (this year alone has been a doozy).

Just last week – I physically saw my heart beating out of my chest! It was almost cartoonish and a little surreal (but very real). My heart chakra is/has been opening up and re-adjusting itself for a while now (doing lots of work there). When I do have those occasional moments of ‘heart palpitations’ I know it’s an ‘ascension symptom’. This one, I will say, was one of my biggest heart palp moments I have ever had. It didn’t scare me at all. I actually stopped what I was doing to watch this happen right before my eyes! Even though it lasted, probably, 10 or 12 seconds; I was feeling joy and gratitude for the evolution my heart/chakra is receiving and opening up to. I would later find out that we were all receiving heart-opening codes and energies around that time. That makes sense! Thank you Universe! I accept! 🙂

Discovering the possible cause/reasons why (what is energetically happening on and for the planet) help validate. I have a knowing and I trust; but as a human… I also like validation and some confirmation along the way. So, connecting-the-dots of the planetary upgrades with a physical symptom… can ease my mind a bit and keep me grounded! It does help keep you from going a little coo-coo. 🙂

So, along with meditation and sleep, I am eating what I intuitively need to eat. Taking supplements to fill any gaps and drinking plenty of water. Right now I am boosting my vitamin C intake. Not only is this an awesome power vitamin to help if you are breathing a lot of smoke-filled wildfire air (like we currently are); it’s going to help you ward off any ascension flu-like symptoms you may encounter.

During the Lion’s Gate I will be open to receive (as always) and just soak it in. As for the 11th, I will be deep into my sleep state when the eclipse happens (@2:58 am pacific time), hopefully having some awesome vivid dreams! 🙂

Enjoy all this wonderful energy coming in everyone! Take good care of yourself, nurture yourself. When you take good care of yourself… well, I could write something ‘poetic’ here. Instead, just a statement: take care of yourself! It is your vessel right now. You want to be in an optimal-functioning vessel! Right?!
Peace and Love!

…and maybe a nap…???

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