8-26 Full Moon

Happy Pisces Full Moon!
Whew! What a ride this summer!
Did anybody else feel that?! 🙂
I know I did.

full moon

This summer… correction: this year so-far, has been pretty vibrationally and energetically intense (for me).
The string of the eclipses along with all the other ‘stuff’ going on (planets in retrograde for example) – I have been tired and wired.
I still am. And assuming I might be for a little while longer.

If we are going to be riding the energetic wave of the eclipses for another 18 months I need to make sure I (continue to) give myself the nurturing care that will be required for a graceful integration of everything (energies, downloads, upgrades, and whatever else that is going on in my own, personal, ascension). This, plus the planets’ own ascension processes, can make for a wild ride!

These last 2 weeks, alone, I have felt the frequent run-of-energies going up and down my legs. The feelings of tingling-electric-pulses; the chills, the rapid heartbeats, the itchy spots and hot-points in various (and seemingly random) locations on my physical body. Don’t worry, these are not happening all at the same time. (Thank God!) I do have a favorite; yup, a favorite weird sensation and it’s the hot spot (that occasionally itches) at my crown chakra. Literally, at my crown-chakra-spot and nowhere else. 🙂

It’s hard to describe – it’s like someone is holding an iron, or maybe a hot light bulb, inches away from my crown chakra. It’s a heat that isn’t ‘hot’… not like a physical hot but more like a trapped heat under my skin. I don’t know… maybe that IS the way to describe it. Either way… I open and allow the energies to integrate and do their thing.

With this full moon representing balance, healing, and transformation – to name a few; I will continue taking care of myself, being nurturing, gentle, and always remaining positive. What I mean by positive is (yes, just that: positivity – but also) the positive body talk. Talking to my physical body all the way down to my cellular structure (*thank you Kryon for teaching me/us this!). Always sending it love and light: healing, strength, balance, repair, and rejuvenation. This started out as an occasional practice that I did once or twice a week but is now a daily practice. Some days it’s as simple as saying: thank you for being strong, I appreciate you, and I love you. Not all days are (or even need to be) drawn out moments of 15, 20, or 30 minute sessions.

If I have a certain area, like my back is ‘feelin’ it’ and is sore, I talk directly to my back and spine. Regardless of knowing or not knowing the ‘why‘. Maybe it’s the uncomfortable bed I woke up in, or that harder-than-usual work out the day before, maybe it’s neither of these. I do what is appropriate for me. I go with the flow; it’s an intuitive thing. I have developed a way better relationship with my physical body since I started doing this.

No, I am not in ‘perfect’ physical health… yet. 🙂  I am still in healing mode, repair mode, rejuvenation mode. I am okay with all of it. I know that healing is part of my journey. Maybe that’s why I have always been into ‘health’ before ‘health’ was cool. I have always had a desire to know-more; research, learn, discover. You really can be your own doctor and then heal yourself. Don’t let 3D mentality tell you that you can’t. Your body will guide you to what it needs; what you need. Your soul, your higher-self, even your guides and angels will send you nudges. You just need to be open, aware, and in tune enough with your inner-self/intuition and trust. This takes practice for most of us. For me, it was gradual, but I was always working on it. Still am.

P.S. – I am NOT a doctor. So don’t blame me for not going and seeing one if you really do need to be seeing one. Use your own intuition; if something ain’t truly right… go get it checked out.

I know that many ascension symptoms are thought to be something else; something with a name/label. I also know that trapped emotions hide out in certain places and spaces in our bodies. Then, eventually, forming an illness, dis-ease, problem area, repetitive or chronic issue. The mind tries to ‘label’ it: give that ‘thing’ a name! Quick! If I don’t label it, I know someone else will help me find a label for it!

In my opinion, I think it’s just a way our ego/mind tries to get out of doing the deeper work that really needs to be happening when the dis-ease shows up. Let’s fix this ‘thing’ by masking it with a pill or a potion. The slap-a-band-aid-on-it theory. I am very familiar with this process because I did this for many years regarding my thyroid. That’s a whole-nuther-story though.

I’m also admitting that I didn’t know what I didn’t know. How was I supposed to know? I didn’t. Confusing? It sure was! 🙂  But the difference I made was following my intuition, or gradually following the crumb trail, that finally led me to my epiphany; my aha moment regarding my thyroid. (I should say epiphanies… because I have had more than one!) The crumbs I was picking-up on the trail weren’t always obvious. I may or may not have known what I was there for at that time. I just found the information SO appealing and interesting! (It’s that ‘something shiny’ syndrome!)

Sometimes it wasn’t even really about that particular bit of information. It was about a person mentioned, a modality mentioned, an herb mentioned within it that would have me on my next trail! I love how the Universe will gracefully connect dots for you – if you let it!

I guess what I am trying to say here is that: full moon or not – always be working on your healing. It’s okay. Give yourself permission to really get-in-there, dig around, and start the healing journey. The Universe is here for you; ask for help, ask for the guidance you need, then shut up and listen! 🙂

Be patient with yourself because it might be a few days or even a few weeks before you have something ‘click’ for you – heck, it might even be a year! I say: better late than never! Am-I-Right?! 🙂

*If you want to follow an absolutely amazing trail towards love and light; pick up this ‘crumb’ right here:



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