9-22 Fall Equinox

The fall equinox is different this year.

When I mean different – it’s not just a cosmic/Universal/new energies kind-of different (because that is for everyone!) – I am meaning: the school year. September, and the season changing, has been all about ‘back to school’ for the last 20 years. This will be my first year, in a really long time, where it isn’t!

I gotta say, it’s been nice not having to buy a few hundreds of dollars’ worth of school supplies. And honestly, I don’t know how we did it. Buying school crap can tap-you-out! And that was just to start school! The spending continues all year (x3 for us). If I knew how much school would cost – I think I would have started a savings account many years prior! Forget college savings! Start an elementary to high school savings account! At least for college one can apply/receive scholarships – or hell, take a loan if you have to. You don’t get that for ‘regular’ (public) school years. From supplies to sports to activities… yikes! It has gotten crazy out there! I did catch on fairly quickly that if I bought the basic supplies all year long (pencils and paper stuff) that come August the price tag wouldn’t be so painful. It was still painful. 🙂

It seems like back to school has become such big business that I am surprised this country hasn’t added it to the ‘holiday’ roster. Holidays equals dollars in this country. Super sad, but true.
Getting back on track. This isn’t a journaling about holidays, the oh-mighty-dollar, or back to school shopping… it’s more about the shift that is happening right here in my own home. It’s kind-of a big one even though, maybe, I have been down-playing it.


It’s been over a month since we dropped our last kiddo off at college. We officially have all adult children and I look back at how the time flew!
This new stage of being ‘empty nesters’ is slowly sinking in. It isn’t, or hasn’t been, anything like: from chaos to zero; crazy busy to nothing-ness; non-stop action to a complete standstill….
No, it’s been gradual and has been so for a few years. First of all – In general, I don’t think it was ever so chaotic around here that we didn’t know if we were coming or going, or ‘forgot to breathe’. No, our house was never in total chaos. Yes, there were busy ‘seasons’, a couple of busy years of owning a restaurant (in the past), and a month or two here and there of something always going on, but still… never uncontrolled chaos. (*Also, what one person considers super busy is another’s person’s ‘normal’, rhythmical, maybe even ‘Zen’ lifestyle.)

Second… that is just not my style. I am not a chaotically-busy seeker or attractor. I innately will not allow it (or try not to allow it) in my life. I have learned this over the last few years. I know my threshold and usually don’t go beyond it. Yes, there are others in my life that try to bring-it but it doesn’t usually go very far, or stick around for very long; at least not for me (It’s not my energy/energies). Lastly, I am generally a laid-back person but do have my moments of really feeling some stress going on. Those moments/times are usually of good reason (running a restaurant for example). If it’s someone else’s stress, or chaos, it generally doesn’t affect me to any point where I would ‘take it on’ or let it in thus becoming my stress. It’s not mine, I don’t want it; so I don’t allow it.

Anyway, coming back to the empty nest discussion, what I am trying to say is that – we have gradually been becoming a fairly quiet house and have been in training (for a couple of years). Our last child (that had her senior high school year this last/past year); well, her year was crazy-busy but that was her year (not ours). With her being able to drive herself where ever she needed to be was a blessing and also practice, and a weening. 🙂 She is now at college and becoming her adult-self. And so far, she’s doing great!

It’s the end of a chapter for us (and our daughter). It’s time to start a new chapter. I think it’s fun and exciting that within this family – we all have our own chapters we are finishing up and new chapters beginning. (Youngest starting college; the older kiddos are finishing college and venturing out beyond that… how fun!)

It is a little weird and different right now; and it might be for a while… I am guessing. It’s mostly the adjustments regarding meals/food, laundry, and dishes… you know, the typical stuff going on right now. Since this is new and I am (we are, hubby and I) just starting out on this journey there isn’t a lot to journal about, yet.

I just wanted to mention where I am, what my new family dynamic is, and the fact that this is kind-of an exciting time (for me). *Growth, exploration, development, evolution (of soul; of body and soul). All for my greatest and highest good; while I continue to follow my souls path. There’s going to be a lot of change coming and I feel I am ready. I have been working on myself for a few years now but know I have been ‘reserved’. In this new phase of my life I feel (and have a deep knowing) that I will be opening up more as I stand in my truth.

For a long time I used to say: Stop the world I wanna get off!! And most of those times… I meant it.

I wasn’t completely awake then and I didn’t understand. I get it now. I understand (better), I woke back up (yes, I have hit the snooze button a time or two). I’m super excited to be here. Here and now is pretty amazing. The experiences we’re having as a human race; as a collective, it’s all a beautiful-thing. Sure, it’s a crazy roller-coaster ride right now but the end result will be love and unity-consciousness. I truly believe that. I also know that it starts with one person. You. Me. Just be the light, the love, to the next person. It doesn’t need to be something epic; it could be as simple as a smile. Sometimes that’s all that is needed. Maybe that ‘random’ person at the grocery store just needed your smile in that one moment. Have you ever thought that maybe you might be ‘the sign’ that the other person needed? Think about that one. 🙂

When you are coming from your heart, when you are generally nice, courteous, showing compassion, and, yes, giving a smile… it can be contagious. A good contagious!

This autumnal equinox/this fall, and all the holidays that are starting to line-up, is a great time to ‘work with yourself’ and practice the art of being thoughtful, being gracious, being considerate. I think that: everyone always thinks they are, when in reality, this is a big-fat nope! This time of year can bring out the worst in people. So many are stressed out, and underappreciated. There’s a lack of love and kindness in their lives, they are generally ‘lost’ and don’t even recognize it. This all can be seen right on their face!

So, when you consciously decide to be nice while you are out in the world it can change others’ to be nicer too. There will be change within you and there will be change (hopefully) for the other person.

Change is good! And good change is even better! I have developed a new appreciation for Gaia and this beautiful planet we reside on. I’m not in such a hurry to get off this ride anymore. Now that I am gaining a better understanding of how (and where) this ride is going… I’m excited about it and look forward to seeing where we go!

With love and blessings, Happy Fall everyone!

aerial photography of a mountain
Photo by eberhard grossgasteiger on Pexels.com

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