Just writing a quick little blurb for today.
I couldn’t let the awesome numbered day of 10-10 go by without acknowledging it.


Nice ‘code’. Sure looks like Divine/light code to me! 🙂   It’s a portal day for sure!

I have the understanding that today is a great day to open the door to new opportunities (or: opportunity is knocking… will you answer?); and plant them seeds! Destiny is calling! Meanwhile, keep purging the crap you don’t need (or even want). Clean, cleanse, clear! Change is here and good change is coming.

I, personally, had a purging a few weeks ago when I got myself a little head-cold. This ‘thing’ has been floating around lately (in the area I live) and I feel like it was a necessary process I needed to go through. I am usually immune enough to keep things like this at bay. I am not one who gets sick very often but when I do… I go hard-core! It can knock me down for days. The entire time I was going through the head-cold I noticed it actually moving from location to location through my head and throat. Each day was, literally, something different. I felt like I was going through a reset with each area. A day of sinuses, a day of head ache, a day of dry throat, etc. This went on for a few days, moving around – the only thing consistent was the phlegm. Man, that stuff can hang around, can’t it? Ugh… I hate phlegm!

Needless to say, I had a cleansing and a purging of a seemingly ‘forced-kind’. When you get knocked down for a few days… it can force you to reset some things. 🙂 I definitely pay more attention to my environment; as well as what I am putting into my body. Now, if I could master that while in a ‘normal’ functioning daily non-sick life… 🙂

Anyway, I am ‘back to normal’ (only better!) and getting those end of summer/early fall projects and activities taken care of. There is even some out with the old in with the new going on with our home as well! We are currently giving our home some fresh paint/stain. Yup, fresh and pretty before the snow flies! We gotta work fast around here because that could be tomorrow! Eeeek!

Happy 101011!

Stay strong, stay positive, stay healthy!

Love and blessings.

light heart clouds summer
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

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