I am really excited for this month!

November is going to be offering (bringing us) so many days with the power of ‘1 and 11’ that it’s going to be difficult to NOT be feeling the energies!

The Universe is going to be working on you/us/me at least one day a week, almost every week, for the rest of the month! Okay… technically, we are always being ‘worked on’ but these days are full of ‘Master’ energies. Open to receive the beautiful blessings and abundance that will be coming our way!

These are all the November days with awesome energies: 11-1; 11-10; 11-11 (major gate-way/portal day); 11-19; 11-28; 11-29.
Since we are in our ‘11’ year (2+0+1+8=11) all these days are a wonderful string of 1’s! How exciting! 🙂

We have (I know I have) been spending quite a few months purging and clearing (retrogrades and eclipses); working on issues (some of them have been pretty-deep inner-issues FOR sure!). Preparing ourselves for all the upgrades and soul evolution that comes with the resetting and reprogramming. Energetically and cosmically – there is a lot going on. I know October had some solar/Sun ‘action’, up-grading, happening and I was feeling it! I had a day of getting physically hot; like ‘flu’-hot but there was no flu (or any other symptoms) going on with me. It wasn’t a ‘hot-flash’ either. It lasted for a couple of hours. I had a fever without any illness. What was that all about? Well, I would later find out about our solar Sun getting its own up-grade (I am understanding that our sun is going through it’s ascension as well; Gaia too) around the same day I was having my ‘upgrade’. It’s all so fascinating! I am glad that we can discover ‘what is going on’ on a broader spectrum and then see how it correlates with our own (ascension) symptoms. It really does help make sense of some, apparently, weird things going on in/with and/or around us.

This will be a month about ‘leveling-up’/the up-grades. As we begin to gain clarity we will also be bringing ourselves into more balance and harmony.

As we resonate at a higher frequency (vibrating higher) the things that no longer resonate will start to disintegrate and fall away. Some will be very obvious – you will completely lose interest. Some will be gradual. It’s all good. It’s for the higher good. Be aware, be alert, pay attention, notice ‘things’… like, really notice things! Signs and synchronicities will probably be getting a boost this month. You might be catching that number sequence more often; things will start to align, you’ll have insight, intuition is heightened. Dreams will get or be vivid. Go with all these good vibes! Be open to receive. Be open to the love and the light… the Universe wants you to succeed!

With this month of new energies… I’m pretty sure that there will be a lot of opportunities, breakthroughs and transformations going on. Keep feelin’ the love; keep taking care of yourself, and live from your heart!


art beach beautiful clouds
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

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