Signs and the Solstice Gateway

This just happened the other day, my spider sign, and I decided to journal about it. What a great day to post it: 12-12!

First, I just want to mention that 12-12 to 12-21 is the Solstice Gateway. It’s when the Earth aligns with the Galactic Core. A little more specifically: This Gateway will open to the Great Central Sun at the Galactic Core located at 26-27 degrees Sagittarius. We are going to be flooded with light, Cosmic/Galactic energy/light. More light codes for our evolution, our awareness, our consciousness. It allows us access to higher dimensional consciousness and the activation of all 12 strands of DNA. Buckle-up if you feel you need to! Integration is key at this time. So, if you are having busy days be sure to get your rest/get some sleep at night. Allow yourself this time, your body needs it!

Since 12-12 and this portal/gateway (to 12-21) is about raising your vibration up, it can bring you heightened access to spiritual awareness. It’s the manifesting gateway and being tuned in to your heart/heart center will always lead you to your next right action/step. The support (Divine/Angelic/Galactic) is ramped-up to help assist, those who choose, get into alignment for their life’s purpose, their path… Your Mastery!

And a big-player, part of the support system, in being aware is noticing and acknowledging the signs that come to you – it’s all here to help you.

I know that signs/symbols are really starting to show up in people’s awareness’s right now. Dare I say: ‘trending’…?! As more of us are becoming truly aware of our surroundings… more and more are noticing ‘the signs’. It seems most popular are the numbers/angel numbers, etc. Maybe it’s because they are usually repetitive. I have been really noticing them since my awakening in the 2012-2013 timeframe. I had the 911 everywhere! Repeated numbers can really grab your attention.

I have to say, though, that my true favorite is the animal kingdom. I’ve noticed these signs long before I had an awareness about the numbers. When I look back on my life – I think I have been aware of animal symbolism since I was a kid. I didn’t always know their deeper meanings, but I knew they were messages from the Universe.

I love getting signs from the ‘animal’ kingdom… well, I like getting signs from anywhere. But there is just something so pure, Divine, and of tangible symbolism with the animals/bugs/creatures that you instinctively know, you just know, it’s a message. Especially when they look directly at you! It’s something you feel compelled to go: look up and check-out. ‘What are you telling me?’ There is usually something in the meaning/definition that will ring-true for you.

I don’t think that every single bug that crosses my path is always a ‘sign’ – I would go bonkers trying to manage that! No… not every critter; but the obvious ones doing obvious actions… probably; yes!

Happiest of Solstice Gateway! Love and Blessings!

close up of spider on web against black background
Photo by Pixabay on

The spider-sign:
* * * * * * * * * * * *
I am getting a sign, a message, a ‘notice-me’ from the spider-world today.

It’s winter and the spiders are usually … not so active around here. I just don’t see them as much. If the house is cozy and warm they will come out and quickly make themselves known then retreat just as fast. It’s also usually: A spider, not 3 or 4 spiders!
Today was four… four spiders coming out and over to me to say ‘hello’.

The first one was near a doorway and I noticed it. Casually – thinking this spider is out looking for food! Brushed it off as nothing.
The second one was on the window sill, but walked itself over, closer to me. Stopped and directed its body to face me. I noticed it. I even said ‘hello spider’. Hmmm, another spider. Interesting.

Spider number 3 and 4 – these two were making me notice them – and fairly close together in linear time; they were a few minutes apart.

The third one came bolting out from the couch and ran towards me. I saw something moving out of the corner of my eye. I looked in time to see this spider hoofin’ it across the carpet heading directly for me. With speed and determination – it was comin’ for me! I will admit I felt compelled to deny this creature any further advancement! I apologized and said: sorry little guy, I have to kill you. And squished it. Usually I DO let them live and let them do their thing (if they are a harmless spider/a not-so-huge-spider/depending on the circumstance) – but this one, with its determination to ‘come-at-me’ – gave me a little bit of a freak-out. The foot went down. But I acknowledged it, I realized this spider was another little symbol/sign… it was the third spider in a matter of a couple hours today.

Then the fourth spider was crawling all over my lap top. OH I see you now! Yes, you just keep getting closer and closer to me! Just so the spiders will stop coming at me (and the thought of one falling into my hair to make me really notice the message) I say it out loud: Thank you spider(s)! I am receiving your message for me!

So, with that all said – what is my spider message?

Here’s the gist of what one can find regarding the spiritual meaning of the spider…
The spider is bringing your attention to your creativity. It represents: balance, persistence, feminine energy, thought, creation, patience, determination, manifestation and believing.

*Spiders will show up the moment you need a sign from beyond, and will guide you to continue down the right path in life. The spider represents strong feminine energy, creativity, patience, and strength. It also invites you to become more receptive and intuitive, and rely on your unique gifts to get you ahead in life. Don’t fear the spider – embrace it, and it will teach you many valuable lessons on your personal journey.

Fun! I actually like getting the spider sign. The funny thing is that I don’t get them very often. Or maybe it is because one or two spiders are just that: one or two spiders that I crossed paths with. I might be at that point where I need some things in multiples because I find them ‘common’.

I have learned to recognize that spiders represent creativity; however, I do tend to forget all the other things it represents. Maybe this helped me refresh my data-bank for the other represented things that I need to take a look-at (beyond the creativity aspect).

Until I go deeper with this message – for now – I think I need to paint something!


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