I’m Kerri and you guessed it… I’m an Aries!

So, how does one describe themselves in a couple of short paragraphs? Man, I will try my best. The ‘all-encompassing’ journey through this life has many levels, stages, and facets that it’s hard to sum things up (probably for most people, I would assume). I’ll try not to ramble… but the odds are: that I will.

I originally was going to write about how I was, pre-2012. But it’s just not me anymore. It’s actually a little difficult to go back there and feel that that is descriptive of me now. That’s the old me. I have been constantly growing since then (2011/12). Growing away from 3D and older versions/old energies. So, instead, I am going to explain a little bit about me/myself in a really big nutshell!

I consider myself to be: ‘Awake’.

I had been journeying through life with the switch flipped on and off, repeatedly. On. Off. On. Off. You get the picture. The clair’s were on as a child; turned off by outside influences *(clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience). I was the kid, in elementary school, that had the invisible friend (my spirit guide). I was picked-on because of that. Apparently, I was a weirdo. Eventually… it would all be gone, I had shut everything off.

I then had a NDE/near death experience (car accident) as a young teen and it turned some things back on. These would, again, be dimmed over time but I never turned them completely off. I recognized I was clairsentient but didn’t fully realize I was claircognizant. I’m currently working on regaining things back… part of my journey, I’m sure. But turning on a ‘rusty switch’ can be tough after many years!

Living (and adjusting) in the era of pre-internet… there was a lack of understanding. There was dis-connect/no acknowledgement; and from what I gathered, we didn’t talk about NDE’s or the after affects. You just didn’t. Yes, it was a ‘miracle’ but in the same hand it was ignored, brushed off, and left-alone. You’re alive! What more can you ask for!? Meanwhile, I was left to figure things out on my own: physically and mentally. Labeled the ‘weirdo’, the ‘sensitive weirdo’, and even ‘the odd-duck’… you gradually begin to: stuff what you know, you bite-your-tongue, and you just don’t ‘share’. I eventually dumbed-myself-down, dimmed the lights, became numb (again). It was safe and quiet.

I was a sleep walker for most of my life. Not completely asleep; just groggy. I never turned off the knowing of a greater Universe and that we are sooooo not alone; that there is more to this life. I longed for the stars and felt that this wasn’t my (true) home. This causes one to be a bit of a loner/an introvert, a little bit nomadic, and have a hard time settling in any one place for very long. I used my intuition, guided by my deep inner-knowing, to navigate, somewhat, through life. I couldn’t turn off the empath, the sensitivity, the ability to feel energy, and the knowing.

I had been trying to ‘wake up’/wake myself for many years! I look back at all the incidents along the way that I was throwing at myself in order to wake back up. But I would hit the ‘snooze’ and kept plugging-along in my dimly lit room.

In 2011 I started becoming a little more aware… but not quite there yet. Then comes 2012 to push that big-red-button. That would be the year my dad died and I had things becoming even more noticeable (‘the dusting off’ begins to happen). But I was still groggy and rubbing my eyes throughout the year. Right after 12-21-2012 all the sudden I was having very vivid dreams. This was noticeable! I mean, I have always loved deciphering dreams before, and I loved it when I could remember them – but these were like… lucid! I couldn’t explain what was happening. It was ‘next-level-shit’ for me… and it was pretty cool!

Early 2013 – I was, what I can only describe as, forced awake. ‘She ain’t getting’ it! Let’s wake her ass up!’…. they did! My spirit guide(s) did! Booming voices can be scary when you are home alone! …I’m awake! Yes, I am awake.

Following the initial wake-up call I began down the rambling road of little discoveries that resonated with me. I would have some powerful awakening moments with deep inner work that would bring me to my next level. I would (and continue still) follow along my path. Intuitively being guided to find and learn about so many things. My interest levels in things would shift… drastically! Modalities that I sort-of knew about before – became a super-strong pull to know more. Oracle cards, crystals, meditation, pendulums… on and on! Things of 3D nature… were losing their appeal. Along my awakening path, I apparently gave myself an injury (a painful one) that led me learning Reiki and EFT (or Tapping). The validation in these were that I was healing myself. Energy healing would become a big part of my life, and I love it! But man, the things we do to ourselves to get us to look at it (find it/do it) in the first place! Geesh!

I have been learning so much about myself, my true self, that since these awakening moments there’s no going back…and why would you even want to?!

This is a blog, journaling, about things here and there along my ascension path. The re-awakening of what was once known (on so many levels)! I can’t not share some of this stuff with others that are also wanting to discover that they are not alone. I’ve been ‘alone’ through the bulk of my awakening and things can sometimes seem a little coo-coo as you work through some of your deepest shadow-self (it is something only you can do). But not being able to really talk about things with others can have you questioning your own sanity sometimes. I thought that maybe if I started to ‘journal out loud’, not only am I processing for myself, I could possibly help another person (or two) know that we are going through some of the same things. With each passing day there is more information coming forth, more people are sharing… because more people are waking up – and it’s a beautiful thing!

Besides being into all this higher vibrational, Divine/Spirit, enlightenment, awakening, ascension, new planet – 5D Gaia stuff 🙂 … I’m married to my best friend, he’s my rock! We have 3 wonderful adult children. We live on our little homestead-in-the-making in Washington state; and are doing our best to raise what we eat and eat what we raise. From the garden to the chicken coop and everything in between or even beyond… we have been taking steps each year to bring ourselves to a more sustainable lifestyle.

We’ve both lived country lives and city lives. This current mountain dwell is where we feel at home. I have had so many kinds of jobs through my life – from farm-life to retail, restaurant, newspaper, and office-life… I feel like I am a well-rounded person. My true passion is being creative: art and painting, crafting and making things. I can’t leave out the baking, cooking, and gardening! I’ve also always had a fascination about health, wellness, and the human body – but never wanted to be a doctor; I just want to know all things health! Our human body is interesting, to say the least! I love energy healing and find it fascinating! There is so much we don’t know that it makes me curious to want to keep learning more about it. Now that we are all in a ‘new’ energy – this field (of energy healing) is busting wide open and is really going to make advancements in the near future. I say ‘advancements’ with a giggle because we are the slow ones who need to catch up to the energy and all of its endless (unknown) possibilities! 🙂

I’m also a reader! I love reading, researching, learning new things, educating myself and bettering myself. It’s all about the never ending quest for self-improvement, growth and evolution.

Sometimes when I am learning… I can get a little more involved than just reading about it. I like to keep going and get certified too! Why not! Right? So, along the way I have collected a couple of certifications. I am a certified Interior Designer. Then while healing myself, and over time, I became a certified Reiki Master. I am also a certified Holistic Life Coach; and a Mind-Body Fitness Coach too. Who knows what I’ll learn and go/do down the road… that’s the fun part; skies the limit, right?! I’ve decided I’m going beyond ‘sky-limits’! I don’t know where my life will organically flow to. I am open to receive the guidance, to take me to the choices, for my continual soul-path-purpose.

I have a tendency to not be super serious about some of this spiritual stuff; or life-in-general. I love to laugh… it’s my favorite go-to! I see the humor in a lot of things. The things we as humans go through and do to ourselves. There is some seriousness, yes. But in the big-picture of it all – there needs to be goofiness too! God/Pure Source/The Divine loves laughter, joy and happiness: it is supposed to be our natural state. Love, joy, and happiness!

So, as I stumble along my path… I’ll write and share about some stuff; things happening, things I’m working on, things I feel inspired to share or talk about.

Thank you for reading, for visiting. I write from my heart and then I ‘put it out there’. I’ll be honest – I was a little scared to do this ‘journaling-out-loud’ but at the same time I feel that Spirit has-my-back (and is nudging me out into the open)! If any of it resonates with you then I am happy that I could say something of a ‘truth’ or an ‘inspiration’ that helps another human/soul! The time is now for being open and honest about what’s going on and where we are heading as humans. The time is now – for all of us to be in our ‘truth’.

Love and Blessings!