I am really excited for this month! November is going to be offering (bringing us) so many days with the power of ‘1 and 11’ that it’s going to be difficult to NOT be feeling the energies! The Universe is going to be working on you/us/me at least one day a week, almost every week, … More 11-1-’11’


Just writing a quick little blurb for today. I couldn’t let the awesome numbered day of 10-10 go by without acknowledging it. 101011 Nice ‘code’. Sure looks like Divine/light code to me! 🙂   It’s a portal day for sure! I have the understanding that today is a great day to open the door to … More 10-10-11

8-26 Full Moon

Happy Pisces Full Moon! Whew! What a ride this summer! Did anybody else feel that?! 🙂 I know I did. This summer… correction: this year so-far, has been pretty vibrationally and energetically intense (for me). The string of the eclipses along with all the other ‘stuff’ going on (planets in retrograde for example) – I … More 8-26 Full Moon