There’s no doubt that as we work on ourselves we can have physical issues arise. Some new ones, some chronic and older ones. Maybe they aren’t really a-rising; they have always been there, nagging at us in the back ground.

Like me, there are many of us that have/had serious injuries. Recent or maybe one we have acquired in our youth. Regardless of when we got them… the lingering pain can be real-feeling. The energy work being done (if you are utilizing that modality) might take a while. There might be blocks that are blocking a block! Things can sometimes be super-deep, layered and covered with emotions, other people’s energies, programming, etc. Moving the energy and healing physical pain doesn’t always happen over-night.

My back injury (acquired from my NDE) has been coming to me, a lot, lately. I want to heal it and it wants to be healed.
This particular injury has many layers involved. It is: super-deep!

Becoming spiritually stronger within myself, building trust, and know that looking at this (injury) from all angles; to really see what is there for me to learn, acknowledge, forgive, love then release… is many processes. As I work on my layers I am also working on the layers within this one ‘story’.

It is – a story. I know I can change it and I am working on it. I also know that because of the complexity it will take some time (linear time). 🙂 I am prepared for that. I mean, I have been walking around with back pain most of my adult life… so, what’s a little longer (as I clear/release it), right?

In the meantime, while the (deeper) work is taking place, the assistance in curbing that physical pain/reminder is necessary, needed, appreciated, helpful, required… etc.

I have turned to CBD (cannabidiol). It works.

As a ‘healer’ – I am living that cliché saying: healer, heal thyself!
Very familiar with this one. We all need to be healing ourselves… healer or not.

There are times in-between the energy moving, releasing; and then the integration and assimilation of all the work done, where (physical) pain-relief helps. It helps lighten the physical reminder it’s there; it’s moving, it’s transforming and/or releasing.

Within my lifestyle there are seasons with more aggressive physical-labor moments. We really are ‘working the land’ at our little piece of heaven. The spring through fall time can have some brutal moments of really calling on my back and spine to be there for me! Yup, I thank it every day! I thank my spine and back for being strong, supportive, having endurance and stamina. I appreciate it. I also love it, send it love.

That is also part of the work, deeper work. Sending it a constant reminder that I love, appreciate and am grateful for it. For all-my-body really.

So, back to this CBD stuff.

shallow focus photography of cannabis plant
Photo by Michael Fischer on Pexels.com

I researched the-heck-outta-this new, but not new, healing-helper.
What a beautiful, amazing plant put on this earth for us to utilize when needed. For many of us, it was taken away, banned, deemed evil, and not legal in any way shape or form! Geesh! So harsh!

The history of the cannabis and hemp is actually quite interesting. I won’t get into all of that here, that is not what this post is about. But if you really want to discover its purpose, doing some internet searching will take you… probably all over the place, so be selective! 🙂

Ancient plants are here for a reason. They are here to assist, help, nurture, feed, and heal us.

CBD is one of the various forms of the healing nature of the hemp/cannabis plant. Some believe that hemp was one of the first crops ever cultivated. Recorded throughout history – a vital plant for us humans, no doubt. It’s been vilified (for Americans at least) and the long-running smear-campaign against this Divine plant had tarnished it… until now!

As the world wakes up, we are waking up to all the ‘truths’ that have been hidden from us. As a group consciousness we are connecting the dots and putting our puzzle back together.

I love plants! I always have. Even as a kid begrudgingly working the garden plots with my dad. I hated the prep work and wanted to get right into the watering seeds to watch them grow! I appreciate the prep-work now, I just didn’t understand that as a kid. I also appreciate the time and persistence my dad had with me when it came to garden-time. Were we ‘holistic’? Back in the day, it’s just how we lived. Natural, growing our own, making our own, etc. Super-centers just didn’t exist.

I am mentioning this because even though I fell away from the ‘natural’ world throughout my 20’s (ahhh, the 20’s! We do a lot of things we probably shouldn’t) I started to circle back in my 30’s. Here, finishing out my 40’s, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Plant power is a beautiful thing and I am glad to see it begin to shine again.

Where I was wanting to go with all of this is that:

I love plants! Healing and medicinal plants will and are making a come-back.

CBD and the myriad of healing properties contained in the hemp/cannabis plant will really start to come to the fore-front as we learn more. As we become more educated ourselves (about medicinal plants in general), we also become more accepting, understanding, and ready to heal the past. Even though there have always been studies going on regarding this plant, we are at a new threshold of studying this plant! If this makes sense. If 1988 was the discovery of the cannabinoid receptors and early to mid-90’s was the endocannabinoid system, then we really are… just getting started here! For such an ancient plant, we don’t know very much about, the potentials for discovering more hidden secrets of this amazing plant and what it can do for us – is exciting.

As we return to our roots and desire the natural way of living (on many levels/in many areas) being ‘holistic’ will return to being the way it was… just living, being, doing, growing, making, eating, healing and so on. It will be – how we live, in general. Naturally, organically – repairing the land, rebuilding the land while we are working it, utilizing it.

Working with Gaia; no longer will we abuse her and not take care of her. It’s team work and community, unity, and connection(s) – with Gaia and with ourselves. The new earth is of love. ❤

As my fall-time, here, is about getting things buttoned-up for winter I am thankful for the garden I was able to have this year. We prep it for its winter slumber and will see it again in the spring. When we do, it will be all about natural prep, organic prep… this includes putting my back-into-it.

And I, for one, will be ready for heavy days with my CBD topical and balms. 🙂

green trees under gray sky
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7-16 Lunar Fun!

Yup, our last lunar eclipse for the year. It’s partial, and it’s tonight.
My thoughts on this one…

Well, since this is the other slice of bread to the sandwich that was ‘eclipse season’…

I. am. tired! I have felt pretty drained since the solar eclipse that was on the 2nd. It also seems to be more of a mental-drain than an all-out physical one. I do my best to take-care and pay attention to what my body is saying to me. Some days are better than others.

I would tend to think that a LOT of us are feeling this planetary-cosmic-Universal potpourri of goings-on’s right now! I mean – geesh… eclipses and retrogrades and ramping up towards the Lion’s Gate portal (er… Sirius Day!) 🙂 I am definitely going to take a soak in some Epsom salts.

Cleaning, clearing and releasing will be going on for a while but as long as it IS going on – things will continually/consistently improve. There is no going backwards. I have probably said this before but it is true. Some work is better than no work. Sure, there might be (what feels like) some stagnant times but it is still the process of moving forward. That’s the beauty of trusting and Divine timing… sometimes slow and steady wins the race; whatever ‘race’ you are in for that particular moment/issue/situation.

I love being out on Gaia right now. What I mean by that is – being in the yard, my garden, outside in general. Soaking up the sun and sending it love for the beautiful rays-of-light that powers me up! I feel like I could go to sleep under the sun for days and just… absorb and integrate! Sounds crazy probably – but I have thought about it! 🙂  The thought of sizzling out there does make me NOT want to do that though. So, instead of the sleeping – I do the yard work. I just want to be out – in it!

I am also finding myself doing some cleaning up around here. Just wanting things to be ‘fresh and clean’. I have been neglecting the house this last month and it was starting to show. You know… because I just want to be outside.

So… eclipse, retrogrades, swirling, twirling everything… Cleaning, cleaning, cleaning!

Yup, I would say – the energies are pretty high right now and those that don’t understand are probably the most confused by it all. I remind myself to be patient and be in observation-mode while they go through… whatever it is they need to go through. It’s not up to me to get them to the answer, they need to find their own answer. But I can only hope that I might be able to offer a word or two of a different perspective. When I hear a response of: ‘I never thought of it that way’- then I know that they will now continue on, with their processing, with a new puzzle piece. There’s no judgement, no could-a/should-a’s, no you’re doing it all wrongs… just a different perspective coming from an observation. I think most are needing this kind of love right now. The non-judgmental kind.

It’s hard not to ‘judge’ because we have all been programmed to do so; with each other and mostly ourselves. Man, we’re so hard on ourselves! If we are constantly judging and comparing and self-loathing – then how can we be anything above that for others? I mean, really? It becomes fake. It is fake. We really need to be checking-in with ourselves first. Self-love is the new black. When you really dig deep and start caring for yourself as the one-true-love… it will open your world! It is absolute freedom!

And… because I truly love and respect myself – I will be soaking in an Epsoms salts bath on this amazing full moon partial lunar eclipse evening! I will be aiding my physical body in the removal of… whatever needs to be removed! Clean, clean, clean… right? 🙂

Here’s to moving forward! To going onward and upward! Love yourself so that you can be love, come from love, and share the love!

white clouds in pink and blue clouds
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Did I just pass an entire month without writing anything?

I think I did! This month sped by me and here it is… the last day(s). It’s okay though. It’s been a super-busy month and not blogging anything is absolutely forgiven! 🙂 hahaha

It has been a month of getting things going, or done, around here. Many projects along with the balance of a few family outings and enjoying nature – or a cute little coastal town. I feel like the physical labor (of homesteading) has taken up most of my days these last few weeks. And rightfully so. I am trying to get my garden prepped and plants in! The growing season is short here. Some days I feel like its all prep work just in time to pull it all out because we creeped into fall.

Anyway… summing up the month of May: it was good.

I haven’t been noticing anything ascensionly-major, within my earthly realm, to really take notes on. Hahaha… is that even a word? Ascensionly? It is now! 🙂   I know I have been so physically busy outside and then exhausted by the time bedtime rolls around I am either: not noticing or I am noticing – but it seems kind-of normal to me now. It’s not a big deal and I keep carrying on. I would consider that – good integration. I recognize, allow, apply, integrate (maybe not always in that order)… and keep moving on while I am working in my ‘world’. It’s all good, yes, very good.

I have to mention, that this month – I have really enjoyed listening to body healing guided meditations while I am passing-out. I am loving these things. Playing them right off that good ole you-tube. I’m sure there are other ways of accessing these – but that is the route I am currently using. Kindle + you tube app = a wonderful meditation while falling asleep!

There’s a good reason why I am choosing the body healing. I need it! On all levels. From actual physical ailments (of injuries), current hormonal fluctuations (perimenopause), to the daily beatings I am giving my physical body right now (gardening/shoveling/digging/lifting/hauling/work-work-work). I would recommend these to anyone looking for some calming healing body talk and re-assurance. I do feel like I am getting some good sleep. And we all know that good sleep promotes better all-over-wellness.

There’s an array of people offering some great meditations on that platform. And I am thankful/grateful for all those that are offering their amazing talents (for free). Thank you to those of you doing this. Love and gratitude goes out to you! There’s more than body healing, the variety is practically endless. Need a calming or an enlightening meditation? Click on over to the you tube and listen to something. Meditation isn’t just that stereo-typical yoga-pose and absolute silence. It has evolved and it can be guided. If you just want music with no one guiding you … there is that too. Binaural beats, solfeggio, higher frequency tones, shamanic, and even angelic – it’s like being a kid in a candy store! So fun!

My current faves are: Unlock Your Life, Meditations by Rasa, Steve Nobel (The Soul Matrix), Progressive Hypnosis, Om Shaanti… just to name a few. There really is something for everyone!
Get your ear-buds on and happy meditating everyone!

black earphones on a desk
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I heart DNA Upgrades!

The DNA upgrades are continuing on. Yes, of course they are!

The last couple of weeks I have been having some re-wiring going on and I have been noticing them, acknowledging them, observing them all while giving them the love, care, and space-for-assimilation needed.

As I have been clearing out my ‘old’ – I make way to let my ‘new’ keep coming in. New light-body… I can feel the rebuilding happening. It’s subtle for the most part. There are moments of intensity – but they seem fairly quick and not as intensely-intrusive as they used to be. My early days required a shake-up, I guess. When it’s new and misunderstood – it can be a bit jarring at times. Not to say that I am done having those… I have NO idea! I am just noticing that they seem to be a little less disruptive. Discovering (and then applying) that I can be and should be working with these activations was a game-changer for me. I have opted for the light-body DNA upgrading to be done with ease and grace. Ask for it. Command it. This is something we all can do. It doesn’t have to be a jarring, scary, freak-out type of transmissional-activity. It took me a couple of these ‘sudden bursts’ of weirdness to realize… it’s okay, I’m okay! And that I can be ‘with’ it, in love and gratitude, while things are happening.

I would cross-reference my upgrade-activation-activities with something I would later read (or hear) about. Guided to by my higher-self because it’s what I needed. It is validating and has a tendency to ease the monkey-mind. After a couple of these teachable moments (ah, yes, always learning!) I have become confident that the goings-on’s with my physical body, that just aren’t considered ‘normal’, are light-body re-wirings/upgrades. It helps when you have a pretty-good knowing or relationship with/about your body, or body-awareness, in general. I feel that having the connection, which I do have with my physical body, has helped me recognize, know, and understand (or cognize) a little quicker – than someone who probably has no connection with their bodies.

I have recently had the experience of my eyes and vision being ‘worked-on’; the re-wiring and upgrading. It happens… well, whenever it wants to! Once you open up to receive and allow your DNA to be upgraded – your physical body will follow suit (haha… pun intended… because our bodies are our human-suits!… anyway…) 🙂 My eyes decided to give me a blurry/wavy peripheral vision. Clear and sharp straight ahead, wavy and pulsing in my peripheral. It was interesting to just witness this. Tunnel vision? In a really weird way!

About a minute in (when I realized this ‘thing’ was not stopping) I asked: what is happening? And then my vision began to vibrate. It had… a pulsing sensation that I have never experienced before. This vision-work lasted a couple of minutes at various levels of what I can only describe as: bizarre. At one point it was like I was looking under water. I decided to close my eyes and just be in the moment. Feeling it while also visualizing being wrapped in Divine light and love. It was calming. I was calm. Within just a couple of minutes the adjustment was done.

You can resist or you can be at peace. I am knowing that being at peace is w-a-y smoother and easier than resisting! Some upgrade-adjustments could be doozies or they might be gentle. Everyone is different and we all have various ‘things’ we need to unload and clear in order for the new light and frequencies to come-on-in and make themselves at home. You also need to actually want that! Just because there is constant activity (right now) of becoming 5D/crystalline you do have the option, the choice, to accept or deny the change and wanting to be here, to experience it, to evolve.

For those of us that choose to stay, want to stay, and want to experience expansion; give permission to upgrade – and you will! Consciously or sub-consciously it works either way. I do feel that those that are choosing sub-consciously will have a lot more slaps-in-the-face and gut-punches than those who are choosing at the conscious level. If you don’t understand that your higher self/soul has chosen to integrate into the new earth paradigm – you might have some bigger struggles. You consciously don’t know or understand that you need to shake off and clear out a lot of old gunk. Things aren’t working the way they once did, people might be irritating you on a different level, and relationships are morphing into something that you can’t quite put your finger on. The change, whatever it may be, is signaling you, or them. There’s so many dynamics to awakening and the ascension process(es) that there is no one right answer or one-size-fits-all right now. But whatever it is that’s coming up, or keeps coming up, for you – it’s giving you a chance right now to open up those sleepy-eyes and look around! Wakey, wakey… eggs and bakey! There will be no more ‘hitting the snooze button’… it is time to wake up, get up, and get going! 5D has already begun!

I know there was a lot of clearing, for me, in 2018. There will probably be more clearing this year too. I don’t know how long it will take me to get all these ‘onion-layers’ peeled. I do know that each time I do clear what no longer serves me, clear cords and attachments, clear the lower vibrational stuff, clear-clear-clear… it’s allowing more light! More Divine light and higher vibrational consciousness! More-more-more! It feels good – and it should!

Love and blessings everyone!
Enjoy the energies of light and love… keep peeling your layers!

afterglow backlit bokeh dark
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Happy amazing portal day!


This is the day to check-in with yourself. Check-in with your heart.

Give yourself a moment of silence, sometime today, for actual reflection. Meditate, maybe get out in nature – connect with Gaia, or give yourself a couple of minutes for visualization. Hopefully you can give yourself a little sumthin’-sumthin’!

What is it that you truly want; from your heart.

Today is a great day for setting intentions: pulling in/attracting what you want your life to ‘look-like’. When you feel and think from your heart-space you will begin to align with your spiritual path and you will begin to manifest. Let your heart be the magnet.

There are a lot of energies going on with this portal and you may (or may not) be feeling it. So much photonic light coming in, codes and activations. It’s all for our upgrading, alignment with our souls purpose, for more souls to awaken, and expanding of the consciousness.

The energy is shifting from a 3D mind-set to a 5D heart-centered consciousness. We’re heading for unity consciousness – and with that… a lot of ‘newness’ for us all. As a planet, we are actually making some new history! We are going where we have never gone before. That is pretty fun and exciting to think about.

So, start (if you haven’t been doing so already) co-creating with the Universe to manifest your beautifully aligned life. Utilize this Master 11 portal day to help accelerate the genius that is you! Start tapping in to your heart. What is it saying to you in order to start living a more authentic life aligned with your spiritual purpose and values?

Maybe have that, or something similar, as your thought-provoking deep conversation with yourself… on an energetically ramped up day such as this! Then, be open to the thoughts and feelings that start coming back to you. Normally these will be love-filled, nurturing, caring, warm, pleasant, a-ha moments, epiphanies; and maybe even a break-through with something that’s bothered you or you have been struggling with.

There will probably be some physical symptom(s) you will notice/feel. Not just today – I am speaking of: in general, as you awaken/ascend. For example: Yes, my ears are ringing and I welcome it because I know that I am working with higher frequencies right now. Symptoms could be anything though… as we are all working on our own stuff. It may be brief or it may be sticking around longer; take notice and work with yourself to find the ‘why’. Physical ascension symptoms have been (and are) heightening right now. It’s all for you to shed/release what no longer serves you. On the ‘flip-side’ you may need to integrate the new energies coming in. Don’t forget to take care of yourself and rest if your body needs it. It really IS time for the ‘new you’!

This year has been about clearing things, cleaning-up, releasing. At the same time it has also been about putting things in motion. The ‘seed-planting’. It may have been subtle things or it may have been really big shake-up things (personally and globally). What ever it was or is, noticeable or not, it’s all good for your future self – and your now self.

Today is all about good vibes and your intentions for your amazingly, awesome, heart-space magnetized future. Manifested by you, for you… and the greatest and highest good.

Enjoy this day!

Love and blessings

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The Food Craving

I am on a potato kick.
OMG, I want something potato every night… and I am having a potato, in some form, every night! (No potato chips – yuck, that’s where I draw the line. Not a fan of the greasy potato chip). Legit baked, mashed, or roasted is the way. 🙂  I will admit, though, one night I had some fries – but I immediately thought they were kind-of gross and only ate a handful.

person holding brown stones
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When this innocent craving first started I thought nothing of it. Even though I am not a big potato eater in general, every once and awhile I do crave the mashed (and I definitely don’t think about them beyond the usual ‘side’). So, that’s not news. An entire week of this tuber – is.

The first night or two seemed normal and I was fine with it. Then it started trending… every night for dinner – it was like: I must have some potato! A week of craving potato is just not normal for me. This is not exactly the food choice one would dream about (well, not me anyway).

Tonight, as I have the simple baked potato (for my dinner) I couldn’t help but to wonder: why the hell am I craving potatoes? This is so not my norm. What is in this thing that my body is directing me to/needing? I don’t think I have ever gone three days in a row of even wanting/eating, or thinking about a potato. Yes, I have done the leftovers thing – two nights of the same but never beyond that. This is different: this isn’t a side… this is the main part of my dinner – or – IS my dinner.

Yes, I was a little slow on this one at realizing this was ‘intuitive’ eating in its most obvious form. 🙂  Haha… I am still laughing at myself for it taking me a few days to start realizing that I was, indeed, on a potato-kick.

Some cravings, for me, are usually obvious and I notice them within the first two days. Some are repeat offenders like: chocolate. That just screams I am needing magnesium. I do have a couple of others that will hit me every once and awhile – but like I mentioned, I recognize and take notice. This one is new to me.

I have known, read, heard and researched over many years how food cravings are basically something crying-out in your body for whatever that food has to offer. Most common cravings for people are sugar and/or salt. For me, I have learned that when the sugar crave is strong – it is my Candida wanting sustenance. Most of my life – I caved into this ‘cry’ – usually with immediate regret. To this day I still am working with my body to get that beast under control. I know that you can’t fully eradicate it, and you don’t want to – you do need some candida, but you can get a grip on it and keep it in check.

One of the smartest things I ever did for myself was to cut the gluten. I noticed that gluten and sugar are super close buddies. They usually are always hanging out together. Just picture that favorite baked good. Yup, those two can be up to no-good. Double-trouble. Cutting sugar cold-turkey can be hard. So I took the baby step and cut the gluten first. It was the gate-way food/item that would help ease me into cutting the sugar. It worked; well, it definitely helped. It helped me in many ways! I definitely don’t eat the gluten or nearly as much sugar as I once did. And I know I will never go back to where I was. I went hard-core my first two years of being gluten free. Just doing that naturally helped cut the sugar load. I got used to just not even wanting/desiring breads, pasta’s, baked goods, etc. I am now at this point where I can wisely choose if and when I even want to eat something with gluten in it. I am not celiac but I know that gluten was doing a nasty number on me. When I do eat gluten, for example, a pizza with a regular crust. I feel it – immediately.

But about this potato-thing though… what is up with that? Hmmm… yes, it has a high carb count and quote-sugar-unquote.  🙂  But it’s not a processed white sugar – it is natural ‘sugars’. I have a basic knowledge and understanding about the potato and what its mineral content is; but I felt I needed to re-visit this tuber and take a closer look. After reading about the potato and its nutritional values I don’t feel guilty about eating them for days… at all! This guy has really gotten a bad rap over the years. It’s not the actual potato itself but all the crap we put on top of it. I did keep mine fairly simple with salt, pepper and butter/ghee. I did put a blob of sour cream on the baked – but boy, my gut did not like that! Yup, I also struggle with dairy. I give in though and then feel the wrath later! 🙂

My body didn’t want the ‘flavorings’ I put on it – it just wanted the potato!

Along with the scientific information about the potato I am also intuitively digging around for physical-ascension reasons for why I must have this food item. I am finding that our physical bodies are being bombarded with photonic light; sun/solar flares; upgrades, higher frequencies, new energies and releasing the old to bring in the new. If we are heading for crystalline bodies there will definitely be some changing going on… and from deep within. Cellular structure and DNA is upgrading (if you allow) and I am guessing that this is going to cause some weird eating.  🙂

While the potato is no friend to the Keto diet (another way of eating that I have done) – because they are loaded with carbs. They are little power-houses in their own right. What stuck out to me was this info:

Potatoes are very effective in reducing inflammation, both internal and external. Since they are soft, easily digested, and have a lot of vitamin C (a very good antioxidant that repairs tissue wear and tear), potassium, and vitamin B6, they can relieve any inflammation in the intestines and the digestive system.*

And this:

Proper functioning of the brain depends largely on the glucose level, oxygen supply, various components of the vitamin-B complex, and certain hormones, amino acids and fatty acids like omega-3. Potatoes cater to almost all the needs mentioned above. They are high in carbohydrates, and thereby maintain good levels of glucose in the blood. This prevents the brain from letting fatigue creep in and it keeps your cognitive activity and performance high. Next, the brain needs oxygen, which is carried by the hemoglobin in the blood; its main constituent is iron.
Potatoes contain iron as well. Therefore, they help deliver oxygen to the brain as well. There are a wide variety of vitamins and minerals in potatoes that positively affect the function of the brain, including phosphorus, zinc, and the B complex vitamins. The vasodilating properties of potassium have also been connected to stimulation of brain function due to increased blood flow to it.*

*This info and more: https://www.organicfacts.net/health-benefits/vegetable/health-benefits-of-potato.html

DNA upgrade

The vitamin and mineral content in potatoes is impressive – I knew it had potassium and magnesium but forgot these guys are great for vitamin C!

I know I am not eating these to gain weight… that is the last thing I need to be doing. What I need help in, however is things that help reduce any kind of inflammation – anywhere! I am all for the digestive/intestinal assistance. And I think it’s also really cool that the brain is getting a boost as well.

I see a brain-gut connection going on.  🙂  I see that an oxygenated brain is where it’s at! Especially for your pineal/3rd eye.

I have been working on my cleaning-up internally. I am no stranger to detoxes and cleanses. There is always some various ‘cleaning’ activity, at least once a year, with me. I’m packin’ around a lot stuff that sure can hinder the healing of ones over-all health and vitality. From heavy metals and toxins, to the lovely Candida and probably a fun little virus of something-or-another. Yes, work-in-progress, indeed! This year has been all about de-gunking, de-calcifying, and opening up my 3rd eye and having it functioning way better than it has been. And on this path, there is some cleaning up to do in addition to the norm (of diet change and detoxes).

If this need for what the potato has to offer is beneficial for my body’s upgrading, development, integration and functioning better – I am all for it. Vitamin C, vitamin B6 (helps form red blood cells), iron, magnesium, potassium, oxygen to the brain with better cognitive activity, and healing the inflammation; I am feeling better about this craving.


*P.S. – I know that when we start to raise our vibration, when we start to communicate with our higher self, and just start living in the new frequencies and energies… it trickles all the way down to our diet. You tend to become aware of the food choices you make. Some go vegan, some go breatharian (yes, it is interesting! But not for me), some just start cutting things from their diet that no longer resonates. I am the latter. When something no longer sounds, looks, smells or tastes good… I know I have to drop-it. My innate-body will make me ‘drop-it’. I have cut the old-need (old program) for thinking I needed a meat item at dinner every night. What once was red meat most nights of the week – is now red meat, maybe, once in the week (and sometimes not even that). I am leaning more towards fish and chicken. We are fortunate enough to be able to catch our own fish and we raise our own chickens. I know we are/I am in clean-up mode with what foods are good choices. It’s an organic, natural, flow of ridding things we thought we wanted or needed. A phasing-out, if you will. I am eating more plant-based – but I am not vegan. I don’t know if I will ever be an absolute vegetarian… I am not going to say ‘I never will’ because I really don’t know where I might end up. 🙂

Keep cravin’-on! If it’s a smart craving, that is!



8-26 Full Moon

Happy Pisces Full Moon!
Whew! What a ride this summer!
Did anybody else feel that?! 🙂
I know I did.

full moon

This summer… correction: this year so-far, has been pretty vibrationally and energetically intense (for me).
The string of the eclipses along with all the other ‘stuff’ going on (planets in retrograde for example) – I have been tired and wired.
I still am. And assuming I might be for a little while longer.

If we are going to be riding the energetic wave of the eclipses for another 18 months I need to make sure I (continue to) give myself the nurturing care that will be required for a graceful integration of everything (energies, downloads, upgrades, and whatever else that is going on in my own, personal, ascension). This, plus the planets’ own ascension processes, can make for a wild ride!

These last 2 weeks, alone, I have felt the frequent run-of-energies going up and down my legs. The feelings of tingling-electric-pulses; the chills, the rapid heartbeats, the itchy spots and hot-points in various (and seemingly random) locations on my physical body. Don’t worry, these are not happening all at the same time. (Thank God!) I do have a favorite; yup, a favorite weird sensation and it’s the hot spot (that occasionally itches) at my crown chakra. Literally, at my crown-chakra-spot and nowhere else. 🙂

It’s hard to describe – it’s like someone is holding an iron, or maybe a hot light bulb, inches away from my crown chakra. It’s a heat that isn’t ‘hot’… not like a physical hot but more like a trapped heat under my skin. I don’t know… maybe that IS the way to describe it. Either way… I open and allow the energies to integrate and do their thing.

With this full moon representing balance, healing, and transformation – to name a few; I will continue taking care of myself, being nurturing, gentle, and always remaining positive. What I mean by positive is (yes, just that: positivity – but also) the positive body talk. Talking to my physical body all the way down to my cellular structure (*thank you Kryon for teaching me/us this!). Always sending it love and light: healing, strength, balance, repair, and rejuvenation. This started out as an occasional practice that I did once or twice a week but is now a daily practice. Some days it’s as simple as saying: thank you for being strong, I appreciate you, and I love you. Not all days are (or even need to be) drawn out moments of 15, 20, or 30 minute sessions.

If I have a certain area, like my back is ‘feelin’ it’ and is sore, I talk directly to my back and spine. Regardless of knowing or not knowing the ‘why‘. Maybe it’s the uncomfortable bed I woke up in, or that harder-than-usual work out the day before, maybe it’s neither of these. I do what is appropriate for me. I go with the flow; it’s an intuitive thing. I have developed a way better relationship with my physical body since I started doing this.

No, I am not in ‘perfect’ physical health… yet. 🙂  I am still in healing mode, repair mode, rejuvenation mode. I am okay with all of it. I know that healing is part of my journey. Maybe that’s why I have always been into ‘health’ before ‘health’ was cool. I have always had a desire to know-more; research, learn, discover. You really can be your own doctor and then heal yourself. Don’t let 3D mentality tell you that you can’t. Your body will guide you to what it needs; what you need. Your soul, your higher-self, even your guides and angels will send you nudges. You just need to be open, aware, and in tune enough with your inner-self/intuition and trust. This takes practice for most of us. For me, it was gradual, but I was always working on it. Still am.

P.S. – I am NOT a doctor. So don’t blame me for not going and seeing one if you really do need to be seeing one. Use your own intuition; if something ain’t truly right… go get it checked out.

I know that many ascension symptoms are thought to be something else; something with a name/label. I also know that trapped emotions hide out in certain places and spaces in our bodies. Then, eventually, forming an illness, dis-ease, problem area, repetitive or chronic issue. The mind tries to ‘label’ it: give that ‘thing’ a name! Quick! If I don’t label it, I know someone else will help me find a label for it!

In my opinion, I think it’s just a way our ego/mind tries to get out of doing the deeper work that really needs to be happening when the dis-ease shows up. Let’s fix this ‘thing’ by masking it with a pill or a potion. The slap-a-band-aid-on-it theory. I am very familiar with this process because I did this for many years regarding my thyroid. That’s a whole-nuther-story though.

I’m also admitting that I didn’t know what I didn’t know. How was I supposed to know? I didn’t. Confusing? It sure was! 🙂  But the difference I made was following my intuition, or gradually following the crumb trail, that finally led me to my epiphany; my aha moment regarding my thyroid. (I should say epiphanies… because I have had more than one!) The crumbs I was picking-up on the trail weren’t always obvious. I may or may not have known what I was there for at that time. I just found the information SO appealing and interesting! (It’s that ‘something shiny’ syndrome!)

Sometimes it wasn’t even really about that particular bit of information. It was about a person mentioned, a modality mentioned, an herb mentioned within it that would have me on my next trail! I love how the Universe will gracefully connect dots for you – if you let it!

I guess what I am trying to say here is that: full moon or not – always be working on your healing. It’s okay. Give yourself permission to really get-in-there, dig around, and start the healing journey. The Universe is here for you; ask for help, ask for the guidance you need, then shut up and listen! 🙂

Be patient with yourself because it might be a few days or even a few weeks before you have something ‘click’ for you – heck, it might even be a year! I say: better late than never! Am-I-Right?! 🙂

*If you want to follow an absolutely amazing trail towards love and light; pick up this ‘crumb’ right here: