Hello portal day! Love these power-up days. (…and portals really are longer than ‘A day‘)

If this one opened up a couple days ago… well then, I have been feeling it! I have felt an extra-tiredness that just has me wanting to sleep/rest! I guess when the energy comes flooding in – it really is: time for a nap! It’s all good though and I welcome it. The tiredness is short lived but the newly integrated frequencies of love are here forever.

A beautiful day of maybe completing something, starting something, or both! Maybe just taking it easy and just feeling the energy, the love – and let it flow through you.

There really is no ‘check list’ here. Just BE and just LOVE. ❤

It is currently sunny where I am. I think I will go sit with my face in the sun and just smile at the big-ole-beautiful portal in the sky; feeling gratitude, love, and appreciation.

Simplicity, right? Keeping it simple because it really is. There’s nothing grandiose to do. Just allow! 🙂

Happy October – may it be a blessed one!

sunrays over mountain
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1-20/21 – Total Lunar Eclipse

I love all these energy-days, portal days, gateways, eclipses… they are such a great time to check-in with yourself.
They can be, if you ‘take note’ and utilize them in that sense.

I’ve always loved these kind of events, even as a kid. I always thought these kinds of cosmic days had a special-feel to them, they were cool and amazing. Astrology-wise I liked the information, guidance or direction, that was offered but I didn’t really understand the deeper/spiritual meaning of ‘why’ until I started waking up.

These are days of higher consciousness, Christ-Conscious, awareness, higher vibration, and Universal love and support – unity consciousness. Little booster-blasts from the Universe, the Cosmos, to and for us.

When I try to think about how amazing this Universe is and how everything is perfectly designed, timed (linear for us humans), and adjusted (maybe/sometimes/probably) … all for our awakening and ascension… it blows-my-mind! I know I am barely scratching the surface when I ponder the Universe and how our planet is this big, beautiful, experiment.

Today (20th or 21st) we have this Full Super Blood Wolf Moon Total Lunar Eclipse thing happening! Woah! What else can we add to this? It’s at zero degrees (that ‘zero-point’ kind of thing – where physical meets spiritual) and let’s also throw on the power of the 3 too! Creative, creative, creative!!

I hope my head doesn’t explode when I head out to the backyard tonight to bask in all of its glory! Also… I really hope I have clear enough skies to enjoy it visually. It’s been touch and go around here; most nights have been cloudy.

Eclipses, in general, can bring on sudden change: they can illuminate/expose and they can be catalysts/triggers. Depending on what you need to be working on; something deep that needs to come up (probably). They can be path correctors, path aligners, re-aligners/adjusters, boosters, accelerators, and expanders. Lunar eclipses can help you close-up shop, get some completion, finish things (all to start new again… ahhh, the cycles). We are all at different places within – so experiences will vary… for sure!

This event has so much going on! And… is setting everyone up for success – if you utilize it and let it help you anchor your intentions. Your awesome and wonderful highest-good intentions! I don’t know about you – but this thing just sounds so dreamy and lovely!

Tonight, while the energy is high-powered I will be journaling, dream-listing, reality-listing, conjuring up some goals, and setting intentions. I will be getting into the high-vibrational zone and the feel good energy! Then there will be a few moments (if the clouds will allow it) of stepping out to look directly at the action taking place. (*If it was warmer than the 10 degrees where I live… I would be hanging-out outside much longer and really ‘being-with-it’.)

I don’t know if I will feel compelled to howl at the moon; while I am outside freezing my butt-off and drinking it all in. If I do – there is a possible chance that I just might get an answer back. It would most likely be a coyote – but hey… we’re still in the Year of the Dog, right?! That’s also: Me. My Chinese zodiac is the Dog. Maybe I will finish off the Year of the Dog with that great, loud, emotional howl at the moon! Releasing all the ‘old’ while opening up to the ‘new’!

This lunar eclipse is the other ‘book-end’ to the solar eclipse we had back in August of 2017 (Leo eclipses). Yup… ‘closing up shop’ for that Leo cycle we all just went through.

Completion! Completion in order to start new! Closure then rebirth! New for 2019! New energies of creation and creativity, joy, happiness, love, Spirit, abundance, opportunities, leading to manifestation and more growth. Sounds good to me!

Happy Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse!
Give yourself a good ‘checking-in’!

May you be in-your-heart today… ❤

wolf howling in the forest
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My Thank You Card to 2018

thank you heart text
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Well, I made it through the 2018 (Master 11) year and I feel pretty good about that ‘batch’.

The batch of inner-works that would present themselves to me for: acknowledging, appreciating, loving, learning from, cleaning, clearing, and releasing. So much work has been done!

Thank you 2018! I appreciate and am thankful for all you have brought to me and have shown me. For the opportunities, the choices, the decisions and the love in all of it! (That Spiritual/Divine love)

The first part of the year seemed light compared to the end of the year. But that’s to be expected (and normal) as one keeps plugging along in their growth, expansion, and evolution.

I look forward to 2019 and all it will be offering me as I stay open to receive; learn more, keep digging deeper… with more recognition and acknowledgements; more acceptance, more loving, more clearing and more releasing. You’re never done! It’s just moving up another step.

When you start clearing clutter – you make room for everything that is Divinely yours. I am meaning: for you to be more aware and trusting, to notice it faster, accept it faster, manifest easier. Too many ‘blocks‘ in place cause a lag in your ‘collecting’ of all that is yours! I look forward to the opportunities of 2019… whatever they may be; because with that – is more choices and decisions to make. Decisions that can take me even higher towards the vibrations of pure love and pure light. It’s all soul path progression towards soul purpose and evolution.

Yes, thank you 2018. You were (sometimes) a bumpy ride but overall a good one!

Love and Blessings!

…and here’s to an awesomely, amazing, wonderful 2019!! Cheers!

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12-6 New Moon

I am spending this earlier part of December trying to finish up and complete a few projects.

I have quite a few projects that are not anywhere near being completed. They are the slow-going-can’t-rush-projects. I have accumulated a few little projects along the way with the big ones. So, my intention is to finish up what I can – clean up all the little ‘messes’. They have piled up around my art room; have been stuffed in cabinets and drawers; some are just sitting in plain sight hoping that I will work on them next! 🙂 I have told myself to get all these smaller things done/finished and completed so that they can be cleared out and thus, open space (in more ways than one).

Doing this will really un-load some of the ‘burden’ or lighten the load I have seem to have put on myself.

I am great at starting projects! I love the starting – the getting going… but somewhere around the ¾ mark – I fizzle out, I get bored of it and am looking for something new to do/start. I am a procrastinator that gets fired-up. I don’t even know if that’s a ‘thing’ – but it’s kind of my pattern. It’s stop and go, for sure. Before I know it – I can get overwhelmed with everything that is started and that needs finishing. I find myself not really knowing which one-thing I should work on next, or… more often than not, the inspiration and creative free-flow of where/what to gravitate towards. This can put me right back at procrastination. I walk away from all of it. Until inspiration/’the fire’ hits me again; then I will go dabble on one of my projects. It’s a viscous cycle and I know I am not the only one who suffers from this … this happens to a lot of people.

Self-inflicted overwhelm causes procrastination. (Title of an article? Could be.) But when the inspiration hits – we are/I am on fire! The creative-juices are just flowing out… then will come the eventual fizzle out. Boredom. Then a need for a new project! It’s not A.D.D., although it has the same tendencies; it’s a block, programming, maybe some worthiness issues, and I think there’s a little bit of self-doubt in the mix too.

This is the pattern of my life. I have decided that maybe with this new moon of December (for my ‘zone’ – on the 6th) – this last new moon of this year – I should close some things up in preparation for the new. It’s a great time for completion! Just getting the little things done feels great! Its baby steps and taking little chunks-out of the bigger piece. It’s not a huge grandiose movement or moment – but it counts. All the baby steps count! 🙂

As each smaller thing is completed, the momentum gets going. It feels good and it also feels inspiring. All this finishing up and making space coincides with the upcoming full moon of this month. It’s a really nice energy going on right now. There’s a working with and a balancing of the masculine and feminine energies. It’s very yin and yang. 🙂 It’s not just about the creative projects. There are other areas in my life that this is true for. It’s an all-around momentum-going kind of energy that is affecting other things too. The feel-good vibe!

My December is feeling busy in a good way. It’s also another month of out with the old so I can bring in the new (I have had a lot of these months! I’m pretty sure this entire year has had this cycle going on). This month really brings on the push though. There’s that feeling of wanting to start the New Year a little lighter. Getting things completed. I look at some of the things around me and call them out: ‘old energy’… good-bye.

I love that I am starting to recognize them when I see them; where before I just let it all pile up around me. I didn’t know I was hindering myself, blocking myself, and suffocating my creativity. Even when I DID know that, but held on anyway, I was just adding to my misery (self-infliction). I held onto things/projects thinking that I will get back to it. After a few years… I don’t know if I will ever get back to it. I am still learning to give myself permission to let it go and there is always a perfect time to do that. And I remain open to know when that time is. (Usually ‘Divine-timing’… am-I-right?!)

I am still in learning mode. The recognizing mode. It takes practice. When you are someone, like me, who grew up surrounded by (parental) ‘hording’ and ‘holding onto’ – to fill voids, to keep you avoiding your-self (your true-soul-self), to mask whatever needs to be masked… and blah blah blah; this re-learning/re-programming doesn’t happen overnight. I have only recently, these last few years, really started going deep within my own ego, my childhood, to start resolving issues, programming, negativity, worthiness, and trust. I have been working on letting go and clearing… constantly!

This is just another area, another layer to the onion that needs to be peeled. The creativity (and creation) aspect of myself seems to be one of my toughest self-exploration areas. It’s where I was the most emotionally scarred and/or have the deepest worthiness wounds. So much childhood emotional trauma here. So, I cut myself some slack.

If I can get one (of the many) project(s) done and outta-here, I am super-happy! To finally come to the realization that I don’t need my rock tumbler anymore… that’s a big step for me. I have held onto that thing for way too long. *I might need it though; one day. No, I really don’t see it.* And if I really, really get back into rock tumbling – I can get a new one! Yes, people, the struggle is real! 🙂

So, along with some completion – and the removal of an old rock tumbler, I look forward to all the exciting new-ness that’s coming next year! I feel it in my heart, the joy is there: the new projects that will be coming my way, new activities, things (truly needed), adventures, knowledge/learning and the New Year – in general. The momentum is going to keep rolling through.

It brings a smile to my face!

Enjoy this last Master 11 (year) New Moon!
Love to all!

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