My Thank You Card to 2018

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Well, I made it through the 2018 (Master 11) year and I feel pretty good about that ‘batch’.

The batch of inner-works that would present themselves to me for: acknowledging, appreciating, loving, learning from, cleaning, clearing, and releasing. So much work has been done!

Thank you 2018! I appreciate and am thankful for all you have brought to me and have shown me. For the opportunities, the choices, the decisions and the love in all of it! (That Spiritual/Divine love)

The first part of the year seemed light compared to the end of the year. But that’s to be expected (and normal) as one keeps plugging along in their growth, expansion, and evolution.

I look forward to 2019 and all it will be offering me as I stay open to receive; learn more, keep digging deeper… with more recognition and acknowledgements; more acceptance, more loving, more clearing and more releasing. You’re never done! It’s just moving up another step.

When you start clearing clutter – you make room for everything that is Divinely yours. I am meaning: for you to be more aware and trusting, to notice it faster, accept it faster, manifest easier. Too many ‘blocks‘ in place cause a lag in your ‘collecting’ of all that is yours! I look forward to the opportunities of 2019… whatever they may be; because with that – is more choices and decisions to make. Decisions that can take me even higher towards the vibrations of pure love and pure light. It’s all soul path progression towards soul purpose and evolution.

Yes, thank you 2018. You were (sometimes) a bumpy ride but overall a good one!

Love and Blessings!

…and here’s to an awesomely, amazing, wonderful 2019!! Cheers!

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All Hallows’ Eve

Happy Halloween!

This was once one of my absolute favorite holidays; but, it has slipped in the rankings over the years.

When we lived in a populated town/city this holiday had a lot of action around it. So much going on: the decorating and parties; the get-togethers, haunted houses, costumes and trick-or-treating. Even the Halloween inspired cooking and baking was a must! I would start working on stuff the first week of October. With three kids, I usually made their costumes. More often than not, I would be working on them up to the last minute before they headed out to overload their buckets! I really did enjoy it; it was all a lot of fun!

I haven’t done anything Halloween-ish in the last few years.

It’s not like I said: no more! I am done with it all. No, it was gradual. Country living can wean you from a lot of the hubbub (and those occasional over-doing-it’s).
Hubbub – a word from my upbringing. Does anybody even use it anymore? I love the definition: noise, uproar and confusion. The synonyms are just as old-school as the original word: ruckus, clatter, and hullabaloo. No matter how you say it… it can sum up how the Halloween holiday can go, any holiday really, if you don’t keep it simple (streamline it and keep things in check). 🙂

So, simple is where we are these days with this Halloween holiday. It’s so simple that it’s practically non-existent. We are, officially, not even carving a pumpkin. Well, the carving I am doing is: cutting it up and baking it to eat! 🙂

The kids are grown up and have moved out. But even before that, the holiday activities had gradually dissipated over the years, since we moved out of any city limits. We still carved pumpkins and would just buy a bag of candy to indulge on. There wasn’t really any trick-or-treating going on in the sticks. You packed up everyone and drove to the closest town to do so. This (long, drawn-out, night) would eventually be ‘bought-out’ (or traded-in for) with a bag of candy (let’s just simplify all this craziness, shall we?).

Yes, the farther removed we got the cheaper the holiday got too! Halloween for around 25 bucks (for 3 kids)… ummm, okay! 🙂  They seemed pretty content with it. They still got to pick out and carve a pumpkin, they still got their candy (and actually picked what they wanted! What a dream! All chocolate and no suckers? Yay!). We even kept up with some of the fun baking. This worked out just fine as they all grew into their teen years. Teenagers and Halloween becomes ‘their-deal’ and not a huge concern, as the parent, to keep them fully entertained. They are off doing their own thing (while hopefully being smart and safe about whatever it was they chose to do).

Well, it’ll be a regular-ole evening for us. And I see this trending. I’m totally okay with it. Where we live, we don’t even see any signs that Halloween is going on around us. Just a quiet, mellow, country road. However, we might see a black cat, there’s definitely some big spiders around here with webs to match. Bats? Not sure. The full moon has already passed. And, let’s see, what other cliché things are Halloween? A witch and a ghost, a zombie and a werewolf, the Headless Horseman and Ichabod Crane. I guess those will have to be found in a movie or two. 🙂  Yes, it has definitely become a normal-ish day.

Have a safe and fun Halloween, whatever it is you find yourself doing. Even if it’s… nothing at all. 🙂

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