7-16 Lunar Fun!

Yup, our last lunar eclipse for the year. It’s partial, and it’s tonight.
My thoughts on this one…

Well, since this is the other slice of bread to the sandwich that was ‘eclipse season’…

I. am. tired! I have felt pretty drained since the solar eclipse that was on the 2nd. It also seems to be more of a mental-drain than an all-out physical one. I do my best to take-care and pay attention to what my body is saying to me. Some days are better than others.

I would tend to think that a LOT of us are feeling this planetary-cosmic-Universal potpourri of goings-on’s right now! I mean – geesh… eclipses and retrogrades and ramping up towards the Lion’s Gate portal (er… Sirius Day!) 🙂 I am definitely going to take a soak in some Epsom salts.

Cleaning, clearing and releasing will be going on for a while but as long as it IS going on – things will continually/consistently improve. There is no going backwards. I have probably said this before but it is true. Some work is better than no work. Sure, there might be (what feels like) some stagnant times but it is still the process of moving forward. That’s the beauty of trusting and Divine timing… sometimes slow and steady wins the race; whatever ‘race’ you are in for that particular moment/issue/situation.

I love being out on Gaia right now. What I mean by that is – being in the yard, my garden, outside in general. Soaking up the sun and sending it love for the beautiful rays-of-light that powers me up! I feel like I could go to sleep under the sun for days and just… absorb and integrate! Sounds crazy probably – but I have thought about it! 🙂  The thought of sizzling out there does make me NOT want to do that though. So, instead of the sleeping – I do the yard work. I just want to be out – in it!

I am also finding myself doing some cleaning up around here. Just wanting things to be ‘fresh and clean’. I have been neglecting the house this last month and it was starting to show. You know… because I just want to be outside.

So… eclipse, retrogrades, swirling, twirling everything… Cleaning, cleaning, cleaning!

Yup, I would say – the energies are pretty high right now and those that don’t understand are probably the most confused by it all. I remind myself to be patient and be in observation-mode while they go through… whatever it is they need to go through. It’s not up to me to get them to the answer, they need to find their own answer. But I can only hope that I might be able to offer a word or two of a different perspective. When I hear a response of: ‘I never thought of it that way’- then I know that they will now continue on, with their processing, with a new puzzle piece. There’s no judgement, no could-a/should-a’s, no you’re doing it all wrongs… just a different perspective coming from an observation. I think most are needing this kind of love right now. The non-judgmental kind.

It’s hard not to ‘judge’ because we have all been programmed to do so; with each other and mostly ourselves. Man, we’re so hard on ourselves! If we are constantly judging and comparing and self-loathing – then how can we be anything above that for others? I mean, really? It becomes fake. It is fake. We really need to be checking-in with ourselves first. Self-love is the new black. When you really dig deep and start caring for yourself as the one-true-love… it will open your world! It is absolute freedom!

And… because I truly love and respect myself – I will be soaking in an Epsoms salts bath on this amazing full moon partial lunar eclipse evening! I will be aiding my physical body in the removal of… whatever needs to be removed! Clean, clean, clean… right? 🙂

Here’s to moving forward! To going onward and upward! Love yourself so that you can be love, come from love, and share the love!

white clouds in pink and blue clouds
Photo by eberhard grossgasteiger on Pexels.com

1-20/21 – Total Lunar Eclipse

I love all these energy-days, portal days, gateways, eclipses… they are such a great time to check-in with yourself.
They can be, if you ‘take note’ and utilize them in that sense.

I’ve always loved these kind of events, even as a kid. I always thought these kinds of cosmic days had a special-feel to them, they were cool and amazing. Astrology-wise I liked the information, guidance or direction, that was offered but I didn’t really understand the deeper/spiritual meaning of ‘why’ until I started waking up.

These are days of higher consciousness, Christ-Conscious, awareness, higher vibration, and Universal love and support – unity consciousness. Little booster-blasts from the Universe, the Cosmos, to and for us.

When I try to think about how amazing this Universe is and how everything is perfectly designed, timed (linear for us humans), and adjusted (maybe/sometimes/probably) … all for our awakening and ascension… it blows-my-mind! I know I am barely scratching the surface when I ponder the Universe and how our planet is this big, beautiful, experiment.

Today (20th or 21st) we have this Full Super Blood Wolf Moon Total Lunar Eclipse thing happening! Woah! What else can we add to this? It’s at zero degrees (that ‘zero-point’ kind of thing – where physical meets spiritual) and let’s also throw on the power of the 3 too! Creative, creative, creative!!

I hope my head doesn’t explode when I head out to the backyard tonight to bask in all of its glory! Also… I really hope I have clear enough skies to enjoy it visually. It’s been touch and go around here; most nights have been cloudy.

Eclipses, in general, can bring on sudden change: they can illuminate/expose and they can be catalysts/triggers. Depending on what you need to be working on; something deep that needs to come up (probably). They can be path correctors, path aligners, re-aligners/adjusters, boosters, accelerators, and expanders. Lunar eclipses can help you close-up shop, get some completion, finish things (all to start new again… ahhh, the cycles). We are all at different places within – so experiences will vary… for sure!

This event has so much going on! And… is setting everyone up for success – if you utilize it and let it help you anchor your intentions. Your awesome and wonderful highest-good intentions! I don’t know about you – but this thing just sounds so dreamy and lovely!

Tonight, while the energy is high-powered I will be journaling, dream-listing, reality-listing, conjuring up some goals, and setting intentions. I will be getting into the high-vibrational zone and the feel good energy! Then there will be a few moments (if the clouds will allow it) of stepping out to look directly at the action taking place. (*If it was warmer than the 10 degrees where I live… I would be hanging-out outside much longer and really ‘being-with-it’.)

I don’t know if I will feel compelled to howl at the moon; while I am outside freezing my butt-off and drinking it all in. If I do – there is a possible chance that I just might get an answer back. It would most likely be a coyote – but hey… we’re still in the Year of the Dog, right?! That’s also: Me. My Chinese zodiac is the Dog. Maybe I will finish off the Year of the Dog with that great, loud, emotional howl at the moon! Releasing all the ‘old’ while opening up to the ‘new’!

This lunar eclipse is the other ‘book-end’ to the solar eclipse we had back in August of 2017 (Leo eclipses). Yup… ‘closing up shop’ for that Leo cycle we all just went through.

Completion! Completion in order to start new! Closure then rebirth! New for 2019! New energies of creation and creativity, joy, happiness, love, Spirit, abundance, opportunities, leading to manifestation and more growth. Sounds good to me!

Happy Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse!
Give yourself a good ‘checking-in’!

May you be in-your-heart today… ❤

wolf howling in the forest
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com


7-27 & 28: Lunar Eclipse

So, the big lunar eclipse is ‘here’… it’s exciting and I am looking forward to it. Like all astrological events that carry some clout – these are moments in linear time for us to really check-in with ourselves. On a deeper level. A w-a-y deeper level.
After much research and studying up on this particular lunar eclipse I have come to the conclusion that this one is goona be ‘juicy’!

red moon during night time
Photo by Pedro Figueras on Pexels.com

On Friday, July 27th, and/or the 28th (depending on where you are in the ‘time-zone’ world), it is a Blood Red Full Moon Lunar Eclipse (Wow! …and it’s in Aquarius. I’m sure there is a ‘degree’ in there somewhere but I’ll be honest… not my level of expertise. Edit: it’s 4 degrees in Aquarius). This is the longest ‘total’ Lunar Eclipse this century, lasting 1 hour and 23 minutes (I’ve also read it’s an hour and 43 minutes). Time will tell (haha! It will though). Also going on: hours before the eclipse, Mercury turns retrograde in Leo (on Thursday the 26th).

What does Mercury retrograde mean for me? Since this usually happens a couple times a year, it’s not news. But it is when the energies around this Earthly-planet get kind of weird and a little ‘off‘. Emotions seem to be in a heightened mode. The communication ‘systems’ go a little hay-wired. I feel it’s a time to be gentle with yourself (and others) because there might be some misunderstandings happening around you and with/to you. It’s also a time for us all to stop and give some things in our lives a ‘review’. Reflection time! 🙂 What you need to review is going to be totally different than for someone else. So… Slow it down, reflect, don’t be hasty, be patient, stay flexible. Random side-note: I try not to ‘sign’ anything during a Mercury retrograde! Funny, but true. Anything that needs to be signed, finalized, or set-in-stone… well, it can wait! Spend the time contemplating it. Make finalizations after Mercury comes on back out of retrograde!

Mercury may be the famous retrograding planet that everyone knows and talks about… but we have a handful of other planets doing their retrograde thing right now too. The list seems to be: Mars, Saturn, Neptune, Pluto, and (not a planet but a comet) Chiron. Wowie-Wow! I am, and have been, feeling this! (I am also under the impression that you would be able to see the planets during the eclipse time. That would be cool!)

So, what do these planets represent in our lives? Let’s see… we got: Mercury – communication. Mars – action/passion/energy; human energy. Saturn – karma/limits. Neptune – personal/self-love; and the mysterious. Pluto – transformation. And Chiron – ‘the wounded healer’.

What a nice potpourri of things! Looks like we all need to be working on quite a bit-of-stuff! Adding in the eclipses; we are between two (or about to have the lunar as I write this). Man, the energy is high right now and I just gotta say: I am so in love with the Universe! So, so, amazing! How can one not get all giddy and feel the love right now?! Christmas in July? YES!   🙂  Let’s go!! There are no brakes in this car! It’s go-time; no stoppin’ now! Sit down, shut-up, and hold on! And how-ever many more cliché things I can say here! Can you tell I’m pretty stoked about all this beautiful transformation that is happening right now? It really is a great time to be alive on this planet!

With this lunar eclipse it looks like things are going to be brought up to the surface and drawn out of us so we can activate our ‘remembrance’ of what we came here to be/do and what our purpose is (moving forward). I, personally, have been on this journey for quite a few years now. This doesn’t scare me at all, can you tell?  🙂  I find it exciting! There is nothing to fear… nothing.

If this is new to you… you might have all kinds of things going on that you may or may not quite understand. Inner and outer: there could be some drama, some hot-mess, some heated moments, a few ugly situations, feeling like there might be something out of control (it’s really not, you just need to look at why it’s going on in the first place). Don’t forget: you are in the mix with others having their ‘mix’ as well. It is a soup but it can be souper (hahaha, terrible pun, I know) amazing when it’s all said and done. Come from that place of love and compassion. Shift your perspective on things, see the positives, be the positive. It will probably shift so many things, and for others too, to bring better outcomes.

On that note: There will be emotional baggage you carry that would like to be in your spot light so you can take a look at it. If it comes up (and it will): deal with it. Start the process of dealing with it. You might have some physical ailments that need a deeper look too. Your body has probably been screaming at you for a while now. It can’t take it anymore and would like a direct-line to your ‘office’! Answer the call… it will be the best conversation you’ve ever had! Talk to your body; it’s listening. And we can’t forget that there’s also going to be some crying. Hopefully it will be the good kind of crying. That deep inner soul cry that you are fully recognizing something in you: you acknowledged it, you learned from it, you thanked it, even loved it… then released it! Yup, those are the BEST crying sessions… ever!

There also might be situations where you will need to, or are, letting people ‘go’; letting a relationship ‘go’ (people, pets, jobs…). Old stuff just isn’t working for you any more… because it’s not supposed to; it’s probably way past its expiration date. Take a look at ‘it’… a real good look. Intuitively, you should know what to do. Seriously, what does your heart tell you (or your gut)? That is your inner-knowing. If you haven’t been utilizing it… now is a great time to start. Meditation is awesome for that! I would go into that but not here or right now. That is a whole ‘nuther page! Maybe I’ll journal about my thoughts on meditation at another time. Bottom line: Love it! Do it! Practice it! And what better time to start/continue/develop/or even evolve meditation: the lunar eclipse on the full moon!

The energy/energies will be intense on so many levels but it’s all for the good of the oneness that we are. Unity consciousness. Through anything and everything – this is a great time to be, hopefully, digging deep within yourself and facing whatever it is you have been ‘stuffing-away’. Let stuff go; especially if it isn’t even yours! It is time to grow!

Besides doing all this home-work… there’s fun stuff going on too! This is the time to also be dreaming big! Open yourself up to the possibilities, the potential, and the love that you are! Find the joy, find the fun! Deepen the connections with what you truly love (people/relationships, places, pets; your creativity, a job/career you absolutely love and adore)! Because when you have been dumping a lot of stuff that isn’t truly you, when you begin to unload/lighten your load; you let more and more love for your true self to come in. At least – I hope you would be! It’s absolutely beautiful. Wonderful! Freeing! And… just amazing! Stay on the path of being your true self (finding your true-self); loving yourself, nurturing yourself. Stay positive, give yourself some time, and be gentle. You’re not going crazy; you are awakening, ascending, evolving. Growth can have some painful spots… it’s all-good!

So, during this amazing event… I can’t ‘see’ it where I live but I want to totally give it the acknowledgement it deserves. It will be in the morning for me but that won’t stop me from staring into the sky and talking to the moon, the Universe, my higher self! 🙂  I am also certain that I will ‘feel’ it… all day long! And at bedtime: I bet my dream(s) are going to be crazy-vivid-good! Lately, I have been doing a lot of ‘work’ in my dream-time.

So, where ever you are: physically (and physically … on the planet), mentally, spiritually (mind, body, spirit) during this lovely eclipse…

I hope you: 1) get to ‘see’ it or enjoy the moon in some way. (May we all have clear skies; no cloud cover, or smoky/hazy skies)! If it’s during the day; don’t let that stop you.
2) Send yourself love.
3) Send others; as well as Gaia, love.
4) Be open and honest with yourself at this time. No beating yourself up; not anymore! Be gentle with yourself. Change doesn’t happen overnight (well, sometimes it does/can). When you are working through A LOT of stuff – it’s probably going to take some time. Taking baby-steps to a better you is good.
5) If you are healing; beginning your healing journey, or need to start the process: send yourself even more love! Send your-self light as well. Green is a pretty amazing healing color to think of and/or look at. Be kind to yourself. No negative self-talk. Tell your self/physical body ‘I love you’!
6) Be caring, compassionate, nurturing, and patient. Remember that we all have our own struggles and things to work on. No two people have identical issues. Some things may be similar but at a deeper level… that’s where we all have to go ‘inward’ and process differently.
7) Release, release, release! Let shit go! Clear it from you! It no longer serves you. It’s old and out dated. Purge, dump, clean and clear! Whatever it is that you have been clinging on to… it probably wants to be let go, it needs to be let go.
8) Be happy, joyous, be unique, be you (because everybody else has been taken… or whatever that saying is!); be the love and the light that you truly are.

Good things are on their way…
Love and blessings everyone!

Happy Christmas in July!
Ya, I just had to say that (again) because it fits!