Summer… Yay!

Happy Summer Solstice! 

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Stopping in real quick to acknowledge this wonderful portal day!
I will be outside working the earth, this beautiful Gaia, by being in the garden, the yard/the house, and (of course) with the animals! It’s a busy time for me (for us here on our homestead) but I love every minute of it! I do love summer! 🙂

As always – this is a great portal day to be grounded while setting your intentions for your wonderful reality! Bring yourself, attract to you, the awesome reality that you want to be living! Visualize, meditate (not mandatory – but sure does help. Also – visualizing IS a meditation), and actively take steps towards it. These can be small baby steps; and even – take baby steps towards and for the baby step!

Take it easy on yourself and don’t be harsh towards your inner-monologue if you aren’t seeing anything huge manifesting (timing is a Divine-thing). Most of the time it’s the little things. Develop your awareness in all the little things. When you tune in to this – you began to see the synchronicities… then you will develop trust in these. It grows from there! See… what a simple baby step, am-I-Right?? 🙂   I bet you didn’t even realize you were manifesting?

It comes with awareness, tuning in, then trust… You got this!!
Be open to receive the Divine wisdom, the love and the light that already is: you!

Love and blessings! ❤

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12-21 – Full Moon & December

With this busy time of year – getting in some time to journal can be a toughie.

I always make time to jot down a few things about my day, every day. Some days are more detailed than others – but that’s okay. I’m making sure I journal my… any-things, a something! From the smallest-gratitude to the most recent/current physical symptom (or happenings) – I have really developed a love for journaling.

It’s the typical story: didn’t really journal, then dabbled in it, it was hit-and-miss; then decided I would commit to it. Made it a daily habit, started out small but grew to make it a scheduled habit. When I began to make it a part of my daily routine… it really started sticking and developing into something that, now, if I don’t do it – it feels ‘off’. There are many times when I journal about Monday on Tuesday type of thing… but I am still – not missing a day.

As this year winds-down and is coming to its close… it is fun, and interesting, to look back over my journaling’s to see how far I have progressed. What a year! I am so grateful and thankful for everything I have accomplished: internally and externally! I will have to say though – the internal work was definitely challenging and way-more rewarding than anything I could have done outside of me. I am grateful for getting over some of the hurdles that were presented to me throughout this past year. I want to work on this stuff; I want to clear-the-crap, I want to learn from lessons, and have growth because of it all. Every time I can work through something and clear it – release it, I feel lighter. And I know this is all part of the work that needs to be done right now.

There’s that saying (about material things): you can’t take it with you when you die. Well, about the: emotional/programmed/negative-beliefs/trauma/past-life stuff… I don’t want to take that with me any-more – when I die! (Lots of past-lives for me.) I am done with it all and am working on peeling it off of me! Yes, this is quite the project but I am worth it! We ALL need to feel and believe (and KNOW) we are worth it!

This past year has been about shaking the fruit off the tree (for a lot of people). Those that are awake and those that are awakening now – this year was a big-pulsing-in-your-face-alarm-clock going off. 5D is now! This is happening whether any one likes it or not! And, damn, I am super-stoked about it! 🙂

This week of the Solstice Gateway, finishing up on 12-21, along with the actual Winter Solstice and the full moon… it’s almost practically synching up! These energies are so close together I’m probably going to feel something crack or pop inside of me! It might be dizzying. I remind myself to stay grounded! And I remind myself to ‘take care’.

I am still doing some ‘physical purging’ – things have happened to me (since 11-11-‘11’) that I haven’t felt/experienced in probably ten years! They also appear random – but I know they are not. A random bloody nose (I never get these), a random throwing-up (this one is rare for me, I hardly ever do this)… I am feeling totally fine, feel normal/healthy/no other symptoms – these just ‘came on’. Weird, yes, but I also felt better when they were done. I have had weird moments of wobbly balance, for example: walking ‘into a door’ when I clearly should have gone right through the center! There’s a few other oddities but these are examples of my ‘interesting’ month. I know that old, toxic/negative ‘stuff’ is being cleansed from me right now. I have even been doing this particular kind of work/meditating these last couple of months. So, I figured I would see/experience something (of a cleansing-nature).

I actually have been doing this cleaning/clearing work for a couple of years but for some reason… right now, it feels different. It feels like I am getting past (and have gotten past) the surface-layers and finally getting to the core. Deep, deep emotional/ego cleaning. Really bringing up and removing the density. Clearing old patterns/programs, lineage/dark-negative lineage, toxins/viruses… just all kinds – of cleaning, clearing, cutting/removing chords and hooks. As I keep integrating more light – this stuff has to leave. It cannot stay; there is no room for it, no need for it, there is no advancing/evolving with it still attached. I never thought I would be ‘bowing-to-the-porcelain-god’, out of the blue, to purge something from me – this never crossed my mind (side-note: I hate… hate this body-function. I appreciate it for its purpose when really needed; unless I have a stomach flu – but even then… no thank you! Of all the functions our bodies can do/provide – throwing up is my number 1 most un-liked. I will do everything and anything to NOT go through this)! This one… shocked-me! But the feeling of literally and figuratively unloading something (I don’t know what it was and I don’t need to) I was feeling better after; and in 24 hours I was feeling great! I just felt… great!

I really don’t know why I am writing about my bodily functions, but at the same time – this is what is really going on. This is what is happening. Ignoring it, pretending it’s not going on, is not the answer. I know that others are experiencing weird purging’s too. We all need to dump some stuff so we can keep ascending into our 5D (and beyond) bodies. Awakening and ascending is not all pretty rainbows and butterflies. There is some serious heavy-lifting some of us need to do, there’s trench crawling, and working our way out of muddy, mucky, gunk. And the more times you have incarnated on this planet (the more past lives you have had) the more work to be done. I, for one, am an old soul. I have been here a lot! I have been working on clearing stuff for a few years and there has been a lot of crying-sessions. I am not done crying (although I have gotten better at what used to ‘set me off’ and I know it’s because I have worked through it) and I am not done clearing. But knowing that I have moved into the phase of some truly physically purging and releasing things from me, in a weird way, is nice.

The rest of December might be smooth, it might not. I don’t know. I do know that I will continue to give myself some time every day to just be with myself. If it’s 5 minutes or if it’s more – it’s part of the self-care and nurturing that is required at this time. The energies are going to keep ramping up. Before we know it – it will be January and the total lunar eclipse (on the 20/21st) will be introducing us to another new layer of energies.

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Keep taking care, keep loving (yourself and others), keep clearing/releasing, keep bringing in the light – fill yourself with it! If you are one that celebrates Christmas, and will be with family, remain in your heart. It may or may not be challenging; just remember that everyone is feeling this energy right now. It’s just that there are a lot of people that don’t know why – or what – is ‘going on’. They just walk around with emotions on the surface; might be quick to anger (because they are being triggered by their own deeper emotions), they might seem confused or disoriented. They might be feeling sick – on various levels. Stuff (things/actions or words said) can trigger people right now. Stay in your heart while they go through their motion/emotion. If you can be an observer… that’s even better! Things also might come back around for you (‘this again?!’). Why? Why is this visiting again? It’s there for you to do something different this time, and from a higher perspective. There are lessons in everything, hopefully a lesson learned this time around… some wisdom now gathered!

Happy rest of the year!

Happy Solstice Gateway, Winter Solstice, Full Moon, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!
Whew! I am exhausted!


Love and Blessings!

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Signs and the Solstice Gateway

This just happened the other day, my spider sign, and I decided to journal about it. What a great day to post it: 12-12!

First, I just want to mention that 12-12 to 12-21 is the Solstice Gateway. It’s when the Earth aligns with the Galactic Core. A little more specifically: This Gateway will open to the Great Central Sun at the Galactic Core located at 26-27 degrees Sagittarius. We are going to be flooded with light, Cosmic/Galactic energy/light. More light codes for our evolution, our awareness, our consciousness. It allows us access to higher dimensional consciousness and the activation of all 12 strands of DNA. Buckle-up if you feel you need to! Integration is key at this time. So, if you are having busy days be sure to get your rest/get some sleep at night. Allow yourself this time, your body needs it!

Since 12-12 and this portal/gateway (to 12-21) is about raising your vibration up, it can bring you heightened access to spiritual awareness. It’s the manifesting gateway and being tuned in to your heart/heart center will always lead you to your next right action/step. The support (Divine/Angelic/Galactic) is ramped-up to help assist, those who choose, get into alignment for their life’s purpose, their path… Your Mastery!

And a big-player, part of the support system, in being aware is noticing and acknowledging the signs that come to you – it’s all here to help you.

I know that signs/symbols are really starting to show up in people’s awareness’s right now. Dare I say: ‘trending’…?! As more of us are becoming truly aware of our surroundings… more and more are noticing ‘the signs’. It seems most popular are the numbers/angel numbers, etc. Maybe it’s because they are usually repetitive. I have been really noticing them since my awakening in the 2012-2013 timeframe. I had the 911 everywhere! Repeated numbers can really grab your attention.

I have to say, though, that my true favorite is the animal kingdom. I’ve noticed these signs long before I had an awareness about the numbers. When I look back on my life – I think I have been aware of animal symbolism since I was a kid. I didn’t always know their deeper meanings, but I knew they were messages from the Universe.

I love getting signs from the ‘animal’ kingdom… well, I like getting signs from anywhere. But there is just something so pure, Divine, and of tangible symbolism with the animals/bugs/creatures that you instinctively know, you just know, it’s a message. Especially when they look directly at you! It’s something you feel compelled to go: look up and check-out. ‘What are you telling me?’ There is usually something in the meaning/definition that will ring-true for you.

I don’t think that every single bug that crosses my path is always a ‘sign’ – I would go bonkers trying to manage that! No… not every critter; but the obvious ones doing obvious actions… probably; yes!

Happiest of Solstice Gateway! Love and Blessings!

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The spider-sign:
* * * * * * * * * * * *
I am getting a sign, a message, a ‘notice-me’ from the spider-world today.

It’s winter and the spiders are usually … not so active around here. I just don’t see them as much. If the house is cozy and warm they will come out and quickly make themselves known then retreat just as fast. It’s also usually: A spider, not 3 or 4 spiders!
Today was four… four spiders coming out and over to me to say ‘hello’.

The first one was near a doorway and I noticed it. Casually – thinking this spider is out looking for food! Brushed it off as nothing.
The second one was on the window sill, but walked itself over, closer to me. Stopped and directed its body to face me. I noticed it. I even said ‘hello spider’. Hmmm, another spider. Interesting.

Spider number 3 and 4 – these two were making me notice them – and fairly close together in linear time; they were a few minutes apart.

The third one came bolting out from the couch and ran towards me. I saw something moving out of the corner of my eye. I looked in time to see this spider hoofin’ it across the carpet heading directly for me. With speed and determination – it was comin’ for me! I will admit I felt compelled to deny this creature any further advancement! I apologized and said: sorry little guy, I have to kill you. And squished it. Usually I DO let them live and let them do their thing (if they are a harmless spider/a not-so-huge-spider/depending on the circumstance) – but this one, with its determination to ‘come-at-me’ – gave me a little bit of a freak-out. The foot went down. But I acknowledged it, I realized this spider was another little symbol/sign… it was the third spider in a matter of a couple hours today.

Then the fourth spider was crawling all over my lap top. OH I see you now! Yes, you just keep getting closer and closer to me! Just so the spiders will stop coming at me (and the thought of one falling into my hair to make me really notice the message) I say it out loud: Thank you spider(s)! I am receiving your message for me!

So, with that all said – what is my spider message?

Here’s the gist of what one can find regarding the spiritual meaning of the spider…
The spider is bringing your attention to your creativity. It represents: balance, persistence, feminine energy, thought, creation, patience, determination, manifestation and believing.

*Spiders will show up the moment you need a sign from beyond, and will guide you to continue down the right path in life. The spider represents strong feminine energy, creativity, patience, and strength. It also invites you to become more receptive and intuitive, and rely on your unique gifts to get you ahead in life. Don’t fear the spider – embrace it, and it will teach you many valuable lessons on your personal journey.

Fun! I actually like getting the spider sign. The funny thing is that I don’t get them very often. Or maybe it is because one or two spiders are just that: one or two spiders that I crossed paths with. I might be at that point where I need some things in multiples because I find them ‘common’.

I have learned to recognize that spiders represent creativity; however, I do tend to forget all the other things it represents. Maybe this helped me refresh my data-bank for the other represented things that I need to take a look-at (beyond the creativity aspect).

Until I go deeper with this message – for now – I think I need to paint something!